Husband put it best.. vintage? or granny?

Chris and I have had many discussions on the topic of vintage-ness and in my opinion he said it best… “There’s a thin line between “vintage” and “granny”. I agree with this statement… most of the time. It all depends on if you look and feel confident in it, and how you dress it up (or down) and wear it. This is where the Olsen Twins occasionally went wrong :)
I love everything vintage… furniture, accessories, appliances, and especially clothes. You name it, if it’s vintage, i love it. A Vintage French Rotary Phone is my dream. Thrift stores are the best places to find some awesome vintage dresses, that is where I find most of mine. A good tip for shopping vintage clothes are: Be aware of your patterns and cuts, and always ask yourself Vintage? or Granny? when it comes to floral patterns, they are an easy trap :) I definitely had a few “misses” in my closet before I learned this!
Another GREAT tip on living vintage is to mix and match! This rule applies to all areas… clothes, furniture, decor, etc. My favorite outfits are the ones that are mixed styles. For example: Messy hair(always :), combat boots, heavy accessories, and then a girly vintage dress and denim jacket to throw it off . SO many different ways to mix and match when it comes to clothes, I could go on for days! Buuuuut, I won’t do that. Instead let’s talk decor! Mixing and matching pieces to decorate your home with is even more fun than clothes. I found this AWESOME vintage chair that looks so great with the rest of our living room furniture.. It is definitely a stand out piece. Someone who inspires me most when it comes to home decor is my mom! She is a crazy artistic personality. She antiques furniture to make it look vintage, and is the queen of mixing and matching! Check out her blog for some ideas and how-tos! —-Having a good balance of old and new is the best recipe. This way, it looks eclectic and fun & not too “granny” or too modern.
When my sister-in-law describes my style she always says, “It doesn’t match, it just goes.” I personally LOVE that description. It’s spot on. So mix and match and have fun with Vintage! Shop thrift stores, yardsales, and antique malls… you will definitely find some treasures :)


i love my beautiful friend & sister.
it was so special to me, to have her model for Project Love, and even more special for me to spend a day with her, capturing her beauty on camera.
these were some of my favorites from the day.
so many gorgeous pics!

Give Away Winner!

After writing out all of the names entered, mixing them up in a hat, and drawing just one… we have a winner :) Conratulations DELISHA FELTON ROBINSON!! You are our winner! You have won a FREE ‘Live Free’ Project Love Hoodie. Thank you EVERYONE who participated in the give away! Don’t be too bummed if you weren’t chosen this time… there will be another giveaway for the month of March! What should it be this time?!? We want your feedback! Ready..Go! :)