i'll love you forever, i'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be...

how are you 4 months old abel?!
i'm really trying hard to just enjoy every bit of your life (this isn't hard to do, because you're great) but at the exact same time, it all just makes me want to cry my eyes out because you are growing up too fast!!
your coos, & screams, & the new little giggle we are starting to see more of... the bubbles you blow & the constant drool. you're my pie guy. cutie, chunker, stinker... you name it, you specialize in it. i love all of the cute things you do. discovering life & working though the limitations of your 4 month old body not keeping up with your seemingly more advanced brain... boy am i in for it when you do figure out how to get on the move! for now we'll just stick with the rolling & scootching around, and the occasional turtle spins. i'm so happy that the weather is getting hotter & you are gracing us with more of your chunky & naker little bod. LOVE. you love to be outside. you love to be held. you love love music & bright colors. you are the best. i couldn't have imagined a baby better than you. i'm curious how your future siblings will fair, because i don't think it gets cuter than you either... we'll cross our fingers for them ;) anyhow, sloooooowwwww dowwwwwwn okay? you've mastered rolling over both ways, you're way too close to sitting, and your legs are strong enough to make me think you are probably going to walk or stand earlier than most babes... you are so smart, & i love it... just not ready for you to get all big yet. i hope you are loving life with me & daddy as much as we are loving it with you! and in case you don't remember being 4 months old (like most of us do... :)) that's why i'm writing you these love letters

i'll love you forever, i'll like your for always, as long as i'm living my baby you'll be...
love, mama

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picnic party for three.

on monday we went for a picnic.
this, my friends... is something i've dreamed of. picnicking in the park with a little family...
 it was the best day.
i'm so thankful for this life that we are so privileged to have. 
oooh! & abel tried some watermelon... he loved it.
happy wednesday! xoxo

three years...

...or 9 & a half, but who's counting?
gosh, really? 
today marks three years of being married to my best friend. i honestly couldn't dream up a better man to spend my life with. 
christopher, i am still so in love with you... like, completely head over heels, obsessed, wanna skip professionally dancing on tv because i'd miss going to prom with you, in love with you. 
you are an amazing husband & provider & have a heart of gold. you know me & love me so well & i love every minute spent with you. our life has been so FULL, and in these past 3 married years, we have experienced so many different, places, people, changes, & experiences together. this past year has been a list topper of favorites though. becoming a parent with you. you are such a wonderful daddy to abel & i love that about you. i knew you'd be good at it, but seeing you in action... it's an indescribable feeling of pure joy. thank you for this wonderful life we have together, and the HUGE part you play in it. i always think that i couldn't love you more, and then there i go again... 
i love you forever & am thankful you are my husband. i would go anywhere with you.
wedding anniversaries from years past here & here!
*all photos by monica starr brown*

around these parts…

…God continually reminds us of His glory & how very blessed we are that this is the view from our living room.


…these two continue to pal around & make each other’s day.


…mini pancakes aren’t just for special occasions.


…1/2 of the pictures on my camera & phone are of these two chubby little feet.


…a new restaurant is in town. hard cider, hot sandwiches,  & sweets… my kind of thing.


… it’s getting hot out & we’re spending more time outside!


…we finally tried new cupcakes


… & officially decided that no one does cupcakes like cupcrazed


…we made our usual stop by the waffle lab


…& tried a new flavor… peanut butter, maple syrup, chocolate sauce, raspberries & strawberries… truly sinful.



what have YOU been up to?!

pit stop.

a place your heart would never have known if it weren't for a dirty diaper & a mountain drive with no shoulder to pull off on.
whenever we drive to & from estes park, there are always these cutie little shops along the way as you are driving through the mountains. i always think to myself, "gee those are cute, we should stop sometime..." but we never stop. because usually you are either a: excited to get TO estes, or b: worn out from the time spent in estes & ready to get home. well, thanks to abel's perfect timing, this little cherry tree shop was the first place we were able to pull over, & boy am i glad we did. we came home with all sorts of goodies!

...and a happy sunday it was!

over the weekend we went to estes park! man, do i love that place. it's so gorgeous! i've told you all before that estes has always been the grant family's annual trip location! we go once a year, ATLEAST, usually in the fall when it's elk season & the leaves are to die for shades of red & yellow & orange! this past year was different from most due to different family circumstances, so we weren't able to make the trip. 
sunday made up for that, for reals.
we are going again this summer to do our usual cabin stay & if you ask me, i wouldn't mind going every weekend! this trip was especially fun, because it was abel's first time! scenes from the day...
i just love this family of mine.