christmas came early... or mother's day came late, you choose.

i have already mentioned that may is officially my favorite month. we've got birthdays & mother's day & our wedding anniversary too! lots of celebrating & i'm all about that. my mother's day gift was a little late coming in the mail, so it was like christmas morning when it came a few days later & i was able to wake up to both husband coming home from a trip & a tiny little box. it was like a-whole-nother holiday.
what was inside?
only the most beautiful rings i had been wanting since before we had abel. he's going on 4 months on the 25th, so these little pretties were such a delight to open! thank you husband for making every detail of my life wonderful. every day i get to spend with you is the best day ever & you've really outdone yourself in the "making me feel like the best mommy & wife in history" department. you acknowledging that means so much to me & i am so happy to have you to love everyday. 
our life together is my favorite thing. 
(**sidenote** i actually wear these rings on my right ring finger, but i'm seriously challenged when trying to take pictures with the left hand... so, for photos sake, left hand it was. also, you can get rings like these here. happy friday!)

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