a few things i'm loving lately...

tv show marathons... yes, still. [[this time it's heroes&&greysanatomy]]
the rain.
the feeling you get after a good cry.
death cab for cutie.
not facebook-ing so much.
quality time with husband.
my happy place... walmart.
loved ones sending me pictures of the signs of halloween!
his face.
waking up an hour earlier than your alarm && laying your head back down to sleep.
anticipation for the holidays!
nerd glasses ANDor suspenders.

more things making my heart happy...here && here.


last friday marked the official start of fall. since then, it has been a down pour of rain & a whole lot of snuggling. i tried to wait as long as i could but i couldn't hold out any longer... the kitchen & i teamed up to make chocolate chip pumpkin bread. deeeeee-lish.
THIS is my favorite treat between the months of October and February. SO yummm. i'd give you the recipe... but then the secret would be out & i can't have just ANYONE being my father in law's FAVORITE daughter-in-law. wouldn't be right. [[side note: chris is the only son.]] none the less, it's kind of my thing. we'll see if the loaves i made make it through the next week without being devoured... here's hoping!


okay ummm heroes? .... was a GREAT show. why in the world it isn't continuing to be a great show is beyond me. husband and i are finishing up a marathon of seasons 1-4 now && i'm seriously beginning to get sad that we are nearing the last episodes... why? WHY?! is it over?!
not ideal.

if i were in charge, heroes.. along with the OC, dirty sexy money, & will&grace would still be on air. is it sad that i get SO attached to fictional characters & their fictional drama?? ummm... NO. i'm just deeply caring... :)) ha!

it would be wise for the writers of grey's anatomy to stay on their game & NEVER let that show end... or there will be words.
love, hillary

21 things you might not know...

1. we love to be homebodies.
2. he's brave & adventurous.
3. she loves it.
4. we love to go grocery shopping.
5. she doesn't eat pork.
6. he doesn't love ice cream.... [[crazy, i know]]
7. she's picked out names for their future littles...
8. he LOVES kids.
9. she cries alot. 
10. we currently have a love affair with pears, yumm.
11. he likes to freeze any and all candy.
12. she LOVES pictures. people, things, scenery... doesn't matter.
13. we both love ryan gosling, might have a few different reasons i'm sure :)
14. he falls asleep earrrrrlyyy.
15. she stays up laaaaate.
16. we want to visit seattle & italy.
17. she loves him.
18. he loves her.
19. we love colorado.
20. we are BLESSED.
21. we are THANKFUL.

see MORE things you might not know here!

it's just SO good...

wanna know what goes SO good together?
peanut butter & chocolate.
the first person to ever be like, 'oh.. maybe i'll put peanut butter & chocolate together..' was a GENIUS, and i am grateful for them :)
reeses peanut butter cups. my favorite cookie EVER, peanutbutterkisses.
it's all delish. you really can't go wrong.
and now i want some...
happy monday :))

one sec... i'll pack my bag.

somewhere that has been on my mind as of late? 
why? who knows! okay... maybe i know... confession: netflix & i have partnered up for a Grey's Anatomy seasons 1-7 marathon in celebration of the 8th season starting. but that's not the ONLY reason! :)

seattle just seems like a cooooool place.
rain? heart happy.
first ever starbucks? heart happy.
called the emerald city? umm my birthstone... heart happy.
okay, so i guess i don't really know MUCH about it other than that... BUT, seems like enough reasons to atleast visit! besides, kendra&hank got engaged there... death cab  for cutie[[favorite band ever]] is from the same state(bellingham, wa), theTWILIGHT series is based in washington[[forks]], AAAAAND if that doesn't sell you.... apparently the people there are super smart & they are called seattleites.

i think we'll go for a visit sometime soon-ish.
have a wonderful weekend!
love, hillaryyy

Meet Audrey.

Meet my friend Audrey.
She is one of the most creative people I know! We met through dance... this is where I first knew she had creative talent... Knock.Your.Socks.Off... THAT is not her only talent though. She is a beautiful woman of many trades. Here is a bio from her website, talking about her newest venture... jewelry design!

"I am an earring designer and crafter based out of Denver, Colorado. I've always had a knack for arts and crafts and an eye for fashion, and I have focused these talents into one art of designing earrings. I am constantly trying to figure out what is next and push the limits of people's fashion bubbles. Check out my work, and thank you so much for visiting my site."
Audrey's line of Jewelry [ ERRAU ] is Life on Sugar Hill's newest ad on our side bar of favorites! Please check out her jewelry, here, it's so funky & creative! Also like her page on Facebook!
Don't forget to check out our other favorite sites as well & show them some love!
LOVE to all.

&& then there were three...

No not for us :)
Our sweet friends the Romeos are expecting their first little bundle of joy! I was HONORED when Megan asked me to take pictures for their announcement! SUCH a special time in their lives & something they will never forget... I feel SO blessed to have been able to take these pictures for them. They are such a loving couple & their love for eachother shines. They also have a LOT of fun!! Here are a few of my favorites from the day!
SUCH a beautiful couple. I am so excited for them & this glorious new adventure!

dear cupcake.

dear cupcake,
i've loved you since the day we met.
it's an unconditional type of love, ya know, the kind that never fades.
i love you no matter what your size.
whatever flavor you choose to be that day... i love you.
you're always there when i'm sad.
you've never missed a birthday.
you're just so cute.
with love, hillary

Elle's Birthday.

oh hey there!
yea, so it's elle's birthday.
she has pretty much set up home in my heart & i never intend for her to leave. who knew that by stepping out of my comfort zone & inviting some rando on a road trip to ohio would be one of the best things that could have happened to me?! well it was. i love her with all my heart. a divine connection indeed.
i wish i could be in colorado at this very moment to give her a big squeezle & personally hand her one of these peanut butter cupcakes... BUT i guess this will have to do. i love you elle[[b]]. i hope you have a terrific day & i can't wait to hug your neck!!!
love, ree


today was suuuper relaxed. && i'm thankful for it.

started off the day with a trip to walmart. okay, so walmart is kind of my happy place. it started a few years ago in the Christmas aisle. have you ever BEEN to the Christmas aisle at walmart? you CAN'T be anything except joyful. SO wonderful. so while it's up, i try to stop by as often as possible. it's not up right now... but that's not the only reason i love the WAL...

the walmart in monument[[colorado]] is MY walmart. it went up at the same time i moved home from LA in 2006.. SUCH a transitional time in my life.. let's just say walmart & I got pre-tty well aquainted. memories. none the less, i just love it. there is really none other like it in my opinion :) so it's the weirdest thing... but wherever i am.. no matter what walmart i'm in.. i feel like i'm home...

weird i know... but don't you have a place like that? or song, movie, etc? i can relate almost anything to a memory. some good some bad. no really... like EVERY song i know has a connection to someone or something or some time. i kinda love it.

anywayyys.... walmart was delightful today. they have all of the halloween stuff out, music to my ears. i had to work REAL hard to refrain from breaking out in song and dance when i came upon this beautiful sight...
later i baked with babs. s'mores cookies? deeee-lish.
get the recipe HERE.
the guys made us dinner... chicken & veggie skewers.
 man time...
might have the cutest husband on the planet..
...and did i mention it was cold outside again? SCORE. it was SUCH a great day. really just was in each moment. i was thankful for the resting of my thoughts. we can hang out again tomorrow, but we needed time apart :))

also this past week...
Visited Cupcrazed Bakery in Fort Mill :)
tried a new cafe.. jump 'n javaaaaa.
husband finally came home :)
 baked new treats.. MyChaiCookies. cuddled up Carolina style & took the scenic route to work.
 puppkins enjoyed a sunbath.
 did i mention it cooled off? :) this is me.... SWEATSHIRT weather.
happy sunday!