so i guess we like to bowl…

… which makes this heart happy because it reminds me of one of my favorite ‘holiday seasons’ back in 2008 when we bowled a bit! i 100% LOVE being in colorado with my family. being with both husband AND my sisters at the same time?!

does it get better??

i, again… did NOT show my best bowling skills (as seen in the photo), which is SO weird too, because i have never been a bad bowler! I mean, i’ve never been pro either, but at least usually score in the 75-100 range. oh well. it was a fun night nonetheless! i am SO SO blessed with the family i have. the husband i have. the friends i have. the life i have. thank you Jesus, from the bottom of my big big heart :)

happy saturday!


plum creek cafe is now open!

yay! the cafe is now up and running! featuring treats from, ‘speckled feather bakeshop’ … aka my baked goods :) soooo exciting! i went with simply strawberry muffins, fancy banana muffins (peanut butter, banana, chocolate chip), & pumpkin spice & everything nice muffins! i also had peanut butter s’mores cookies & neiman marcus bars.
boy oh boy!
obviously had to sample everything & check for poison… needless to say, everything was DELICIOUS!
hoping to sell out :)

dear baby boy.

dear baby boy,
i love you so much already! we saw you on the ultrasound last week and it was sooooooo cool! you were a little wiggle worm, swimming all around in there, making the tech chase you :) it was pret-ty cute if you ask me! we got a good look at ALL of your little parts, including the one you weren’t so shy about… that’s okay for now, because now we can give you a proper, gender correct name, but for future… let’s keep that under wraps! you are growing PERFECTLY! my favorite thing you showed off for me were your little feetsies! they are all i can think about these days. so small & precious. the sweet little feet that you are always kicking me with…  i can’t wait to kiss you & them when you are out here with the rest of us! keep growing strong in there, & i will continue keeping a good variety of foods coming your way so that you will looooove eating like daddy & me one day! i love you so much. no hurry! i know you need every minute in there, but i am excited for your arrival in february!
love, mommy

a playdate.

happy monday! harvey had a playdate over the weekend! a playdate with LOTS of new doggie friends. however, he was really more interested in hanging with his cousin barkley! we actually got him to go in the water! not swim, but he walked out a ways :) he’s such a good boy! he got lots of cheers and pets!

half way there!

aaand we’re back with a weekly update!
baby boy salvaggione is the size of a banana, and i am officially 20 weeks, which is HALFWAY through my very first pregnancy! i can’t believe how fast the time has flown by. when i realized, i almost got sad for a minute… this is my FIRST pregnancy. there will never be another FIRST. hopefully there will be a few more!! but never a first. time just flies & flies. LIFE flies by. do NOT get me wrong. the actual baby boy in my arms is what i am most excited for! but honestly, i wish time would slow down just a little bit. i love life, my family, my friends, being pregnant, EVERYTHING so much! i know that it is only going to seem quicker once our baby is here and he grows up! gah! be still my heart. stay calm. one day at a time.
it’s all so exciting! the quickness just makes me realize even more that i should enjoy every minute, and every day of not only being pregnant, but also LIFE. it doesn’t stop & wait for you, and you can’t go back. SUCH a good reminder to be grateful, to be content, to love the ones you’re with, to love the place you’re at :)

happy weekend!

$2.00 dates… just what the doctor ordered.

in my opinion, when a $2.00 trip to the grocery store with your one & only and your siblings satisfies your saturday night agenda… you have your priorities straight. to me, it’s the little dates that count the most. not to mention… strawberry shortcake ice cream bar?? yummm. oh, and did i mention that i think my husband is the most good looking person to grace this planet?
happy day!

today’s the day!


today’s the day!!

mini-he?  or mini-she?

NOT that it REALLY matters, we are going to love it JUST the same, but holy cannoli!! can you believe the day is finally here?! we are SO excited to know who this little pumpkin is & start picturing it’s precious face!! not to mention… the name game, nursery ideas, and shopping?! oooweeee.

needless to say, we are excited over here! we will announce just as soon as we find out and fill our families in! until then, there is still time to place YOUR vote on who you think mini-sal is :) the poll is on the LEFT SIDEBAR of the blog right underneath our social media links!

happy monday!


19 weeks, a baby mango, & some smooth moves.

my first official "friday update" fail.
so, i left out of town this weekend to wyoming to teach a master class workshop. i had an awesome awesome time! the kids were great & it was so fun to dance & stretch & MOVE my body! i'm sure baby was thinkin' i must have lost my mind, shakin' up it's home like that... but i don't doubt that baby sal will have some moves at some point, and so it will all make sense then!
so here is a sunday update for you!! 
little baby is 19 weeks young (almost halfway!!!!) and is the size of a mango! that's 6.5 inches, and 10 oz (crown to rump)... crazzzyyyy. still so small! but making BIG moves around these parts! i am SO SO thankful for all of the little kicks i have been feeling the past few weeks, and thankful that husband can feel them now too!! we definitely have some soccer or dancer legs happening in there! SO strong :) gender day is tomorrow, and this is the last week of the first half of my pregnancy! where did the time go?
things are rolling right along & all is well! apologies for not planning a post ahead of time or taking fun mango photos... i hope this video of me, sister & kala will suffice! more videos like this on my youtube channel!
happy sunday!

*this is an older video, just one of my favorites :) tabitha&napoleon choreography*

we went bowling & stuff...

so we went bowling this weekend with my sisters.
it was fun!
i will say though, that apparently bowling is not my strongest pregnant skill. pregnancy ninja skills? aka fast reflexes... i am alllll over it. but bowling? not so much. i have never bowled SO bad in my entire life. my high score for the night was 39!!!!! i didn't even break 40 hahaha! nonetheless it was super fun & i love my family.
oh yea, and some iphone photos too!
enjoy this RAINY wednesday coloradoans! we sure are! started the day with french toast, yummm. and happy wednesday to everyone else!


one: the prettiest pillows you ever did see.
two: the sweetest vintage overalls for our future baby girl, even if it isn’t this time around!
three: a cutesy little pumpkin mug, my new fave.
four: my pride & joy puppy all snuggly in the sun.
five: this pregnant girl’s new best friend.
six: banana nut muffins from scratch.
seven: a bump in my tummy & a lazy sunday.

happy tuesday!


recently, we took advantage of one of these bad boys! i mean, how could we not? one of the perks of being pregnant!

husband and i had a little day date, man do i love those :)
lunch & dreams.
baby dreams, house dreams, future dreams.
it's good to dream & imagine your life! we have SUCH a wonderful life & i truly believe that it's because we have had faith in God & envisioned what we wanted our life to be, and even when things haven't turned out how we envisioned, we know that it's been because God has better plans!

God loves us & loves to fulfill the desires of our hearts when they are in line with what He has for us!
so i hope you have a dreamy little monday!

ps, only ONE more week until baby sal 's gender is revealed! woohooo!! there is still time to leave your two cents & vote over on the left sidebar! mini-he? or mini-she?

sweet potato pie.

i won’t lie, when my mom said it’d be cute to draw a little face on a veggie, i was not 100% convinced… but then when i saw how happy the little face was that she drew, i thought about how happy our little sweet potato must be all cozy in there & that made me very happy, so what the hey! our little is now the size of a SWEET potato! yummm. i’m officially 18 weeks & can’t believe i am only TWO weeks away from being halfway through this pregnancy! can this be real? bumping out, was just as everyone said, OVERNIGHT, and at 18 weeks, i am finally starting to feel or atleast look like i’m pregnant. i am really trying to enjoy all sides of pregnancy because i am SO thankful that i have been blessed with it, and also because though we hope to have a large family, you really don’t know what God has in store for you, and so i think it is really important to be grateful and joyful wherever you are.
i have seen these floatin’ around the blogging community & haven’t participated yet, so i decided today was the day! a few updates…
How far along? 18 weeks TODAY!
Baby is the size of? a SWEET potato!
Total weight gain/loss: still hadn’t gained at my last doctors appointment! but since then, i’ve bumped out a little, so hopefully i will be on track at the next weigh in :)
Maternity clothes? none so far, but it’s about time for a belly band!
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: still sleeping great - minus a few trips to the bathroom and the occasional wacky dream
Best moment this week: feeling what i am almost positive are the first signs of movement in my tummy!
Miss Anything? strangely, wine. i wasn’t a huge wine-o before, but it smells soooo good. can’t wait to have a glass of sweet red :)
Movement: just starting to feel some!
Food cravings: none.
Anything making you queasy or sick: nada.
Have you started to show yet: yep! still a bit of an awkward bump, but we love it anyway around here :)
Gender: we find out in 9 days!!!
Labor Signs: i sure hope not! ha.
Belly Button in or out? in, but on the way out.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy! with the occasional cry baby moment, as mentioned earlier this week.
Looking forward to: our ultrasound! what are you baby?! seriously couldn’t even pretend to know what we are having, so i am VERY excited!
have a great weekend!