cry baby.

greetings from tuesday morning at 5:30 a.m.!
my day started an hour ago with a good old fashioned allergy attack, boo.
I won't lie, I've been a little bit of a cry baby this week, complete with a few 60 second meltdowns. people acting poorly, waking up one day and the button on your jeans seems tight because oh yea... you are currently growing another human, general feelings of being overwhelmed, allergy attacks. things that normally would earn a little complaining are meriting tears. i shouldn't complain, or be a little cry baby, because I DO know that people have way bigger problems, but honestly, it's just been a bit of a waterworks past few days. i must be pregnant or something...

I am realizing more than ever though that sometimes a quick cry is the best thing you can do in a moment. It is actually more often than not, the cure. So I now say, "hold on, I think I just need to cry for one second & then I'll be okay." and then I am. And secondly, I'm really thankful for the perfect (in my eyes :)) husband, and an awesome family that gets me. It just makes life good.


*footnote* APOLOGIES for all of the proper capitalization... Bleh, blogging from the iPad corrects it, uncool. And TWO: I had a dream tonight that we went for our ultrasound that's coming up in TWO weeks... It was a girl. Hmmm... Wonder what that means?

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