19 weeks, a baby mango, & some smooth moves.

my first official "friday update" fail.
so, i left out of town this weekend to wyoming to teach a master class workshop. i had an awesome awesome time! the kids were great & it was so fun to dance & stretch & MOVE my body! i'm sure baby was thinkin' i must have lost my mind, shakin' up it's home like that... but i don't doubt that baby sal will have some moves at some point, and so it will all make sense then!
so here is a sunday update for you!! 
little baby is 19 weeks young (almost halfway!!!!) and is the size of a mango! that's 6.5 inches, and 10 oz (crown to rump)... crazzzyyyy. still so small! but making BIG moves around these parts! i am SO SO thankful for all of the little kicks i have been feeling the past few weeks, and thankful that husband can feel them now too!! we definitely have some soccer or dancer legs happening in there! SO strong :) gender day is tomorrow, and this is the last week of the first half of my pregnancy! where did the time go?
things are rolling right along & all is well! apologies for not planning a post ahead of time or taking fun mango photos... i hope this video of me, sister & kala will suffice! more videos like this on my youtube channel!
happy sunday!

*this is an older video, just one of my favorites :) tabitha&napoleon choreography*

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Hailey said...

how fun! baby kicks are one of the best things ever!