a blessing.

a blessing.
i had wanted Melissa to become a part of the Project Love family for a while.
God made it happen.
some things are thought out and planned, but some things (most things) God just takes care of for you! taking these GORGEOUS shots of melissa was not only a huge blessing to my love of photography, but also to Project Love.
she is such a beautiful woman, inside & out, and i am blessssed to know her :)
enjoy some of my favorite shots from the day!

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How to Wear Your Project Love

I personally LOVE layering, mixing & matching, and standing out. Check out how I dressed up Project Love’s ‘Let Your Light Shine’ Racerback Dress at this past week’s t-shirt party!
I paired it with a ruffled skirt (bebe), black motorcycle boots (forever 21), black leggings, a belt, and my younger brother’s plaid shirt as a jacket (Target)… which he may or may not get back :)
As for hair… the messier the better :) I floofed the top, pulled out pieces throughout and curled them with my 1” curling iron, and left the rest natural with a few curls I did with a bigger curling iron. I also added some braids…. no hair ties needed. Tease the end of your braids backwards with a comb and hairspray and you end up with a cool knot at the end that lasts all night!
This is just one way to wear this dress. It is so cute and versatile! It can be dressed up, worn casual, or even used as a bathing suit cover up. Email us your pictures and ideas of how you wear your ‘love’ and be featured in our blog! Be Blessed!—- Hillary

Final Spring Photo Shoot.

Final photoshoot for Project Love’s Spring Line… check.
Today I got some awesome shots of my beautiful sister Ashton, my brother Tristan, and my loving Husband Chris. All of their pictures turned out SOOOO gooood!!! They are all so photogenic, and it was such a relaxed shoot. I am so grateful to have such a loving family who is willing to model for Project Love! They all have the most beautiful souls and are all wonderful models of Christ. Such a blessing to me :) Thank you Lord. I’ve just finished choosing all of my favorite shots & getting the site ready for launch… THIS was a suuuper long process! It’s tough to narrow it down when EVERY shot your models take is amazing. I can’t thank all of the Spring models enough :)
So get excited Project Lovers! Only an hour and half left until the midnight launch!! Thank you so so much for all of the love and support! Project Love is happy to be your Valentine this year!
‘Grow in Love’ by Project Love
Midnight, February 14, 2011

Melissa's Photo Shoot.

Today was SUCH an amazing day! Project Love was privileged to have a photoshoot with the stunning Melissa Mikkelsen. The Lord blessed us with wonderful weather, Monument, CO provided us with sooo many great picture spots, and I’m happy to report that we never ate it on the ice! Melissa is such a blessing to Project Love and I am so thankful that she has joined the fam. She has a beautiful story, a truly amazing spirit… and the girl doesn’t take a bad picture :) Her love for God is so inspiring to me and spending the day with her enhanced my love for Him even more! Now…. narrowing down the best shots, this could take a while. Ahh! Feeling so blessed<3
In other exciting news… tomorrow is the last PLoveSpring photoshoot and then the Spring Release at midnight!!! What better day than ‘love day’—- Check back tomorrow for a blog about Ashton and the guys shoot and start counting down to the midnight release of ‘Grow in Love’ by Project Love.
—Love, Hilla

Bethany's Photo Shoot.

Today Project Love had a photo shoot with one of my beautiful friends Bethany :)  Old Town, Fort Collins has such awesome buildings and places to take pictures. We got some AWESOME shots! Bethany is so beautiful inside and out. Her beauty from within shines through in EVERY picture. It was such a blessing to not only spend time with her wonderful spirit, but also to have her be one of the many gorgeous faces of Project Love. Project Love was born in efforts to spread the love of our Savior through fashion, and Bethany is such a great example of Christ’s love. She is truly one of the most genuine people I know and I am proud to have her be a part of the Project Love Family! She is also a trooper because the weather people weren’t quite on their game this week and said it was going to be 50 and sunny, and it ended up being SO COLD!! :) The only hard thing that I have to do now is choose my favorite pics! Wish me luck! This coming week I have photoshoots with 2 other beautiful models, and I am so excited! They are both stunning women of God and I am looking SO forward to working with them!
Be Blessed! Hillary <3

good morning sunshine.

Good morning Sunshine, I love you.
With the Spring Collection releasing soon, there is SO much going on for P. Love. New ideas, learning more about the business, spreading the word in new directions.. you name it. I, personally, am SO excited! I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes it. I know that it is my calling to continue spreading God’s love through my company, and I will continue to work diligently and listen for direction :) So get excited Project Loverrrs, and pray that Project Love continue to grow and spread the light of Christ.
Be blessed! Hillary

betty crocker is the best.

Dear Betty Crocker, I love you and all of your delicious treats. How creative you are & so nice that you let others borrow your precious ideas. Thank you for inspiring my first Valentine's Day Treat of the season! Love, Me


What a glorious day Tuesday this is. I feel blessed to even be a part of it. The sun is shining and there is a beautiful breeze. Days like today get me excited for Spring. I am ready for the day.. ready for errands, Project Love work to do, and more packing. I thought it important to take a few minutes and appreciate the gift of today, this wonderful blessing from God. Enjoy it to the fullest. See only the positives. Tell the people you love how much you love them. Give hugs, smile. Go barefoot. God is great, be thankful<3

sock feet.

husband && wife sock feet. my favorite.
i love spending time snuggling with my man. he is wonderful & lounging is our favorite thing to do.

Obsessive Personality Day.

Today I allowed the obsessive side of my personality to run wild for a good cause :) I LOVE to organize.. everything. Ha! My family is moving next week and still had so much to pack, and they are SUPER busy so I organized and packed the entire basement for them. I am wishing now that I would have taken a before and after picture to show you my progress.. oh well maybe next time. If I were to describe it to you though, the before picture would look like a bomb went off and left a little bit of everything, everywhere. And now… like a Mr. Clean commercial, so shiny :) I was pretty impressed with the little worker bee inside me. It feels so nice to do things for others, especially when they didn’t ask, you just wanted them to feel at peace, even if just for a moment, about one less thing they would have to do later.
So anyway.. that was pretty much my day. Now I am unwinding and looking forward to a delicious Spedino di Mare dinner and something sweet that I am going to bake for dessert… haven’t decided what yet, but let me tell you.. me and Betty Crocker are going to whip up something fabulous :)
I hope that everyone had the most blessed day. Such a beautiful life that we are all given the opportunity to live. Enjoy every minute of it and appreciate it like crazy, because it will be over before we know it! God is so good, and I hope that everyone always remembers to include Him in their thoughts and in their days… He never forgets about us :) So refreshing to think that God is always there to talk to and that He is always there loving us no matter what. I love Him :)
Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Saturday evening! Be blessed! Love, Hillary