A Home Tour : Abel has his own room!

In the Fall, Abel transitioned to having his own room. He didn't want it for the longest time, so we didn't press, but would bring it up now and again just to check in. Well, at the end of Summer he finally said, "Okay, I'll try it. For three nights." -- We didn't switch beds or do anything fancy, he just tried sleeping in what was then Isla's room for a few nights & decided he liked it. It was bittersweet having him & Lucy be separate for the first time in history, but was also exciting to have a new space to create for him & to see him grow in independence.

Abel turns SIX!

I don't know how it's possible that I've been a parent for six years, or how my baby boy is so grown, but here we are! Abel is six years old. Still my tender, kind, fun loving, wild boy. Thank you God for the gift he is.
Happy Birthday Abel! Still believing you to be the very most special kid in the world. We love you!
& because all of the feelings are still there only multiplied, the words are all here...

We are having another baby

We are having another baby.
It feels scary to share this today, it feels vulnerable & I feel timid, but at the same time, I have always felt led to share our story & to let God use it for others to see him at work & to see his goodness. 
I've never experienced pregnancy from this seat & it has been a daily wrestling match with fear, but we are praying & believing this baby is ours to keep.

Things to remember...

While this space has remained quiet, the notes in my phone have not. As always, I've made note of the little things our kiddos do or say that are as darling as pie & that I'd like to never forget. It's wild, because even when I go to share them here, I've already forgotten lots of them, and am always thankful that I have a place I can archive them, so that years from now, I can look back and laugh or cry & re-live the littler versions of them.
I'd like to remember...
"How far is Heaven?"
How far do you think it is?
"Higher than the clouds & past space." -- Abel

the way Lucy calls her dollhouse a "dollyhouse"
when I put abel to bed the night before we left for NYC & he whispered out of the silence, "I'm gonna miss you so much." ---- teeeears.

"He's like thirty feet tall, and I'm almost as tall as him!" -- Lucy

"How do you get to Heaven?"
That's a great question Lucy, how do you think you get there?
"A beanstalk. Because that's really high."
Isla dancing, always. Spins with her hands on her head. Her wide leg plies with her hands on her high hips (ribs). tondues like Lucy & the way she sings moooooore! (can't hold it back anymore!)

"Don't tell them about the BBYFJ." --Abel -- Spelling a secret to me, the way he'd heard me & Chris exchange secrets in front of the kids haha!

Isla singing any song.

The way Isla adds "uh" to the end of every word. I-uh need-uh...

The long period of time where anytime Isla would tell you a secret, or wake up.. the first thing she would say was, "i need a snaaaack."
Isla throwing her dishes away when she's finished.

When Abel use to say "Oso" instead of "Also" - but then started noticing it & correcting himself, growing right before my very eyes.

When Lucy laid her head on my chest & then after a few moments said to me, " I don't hear Jesus in there..." -- because we always tell them that Jesus lives in our hearts.

Abels logic... What was Captain Hook's name before he had a hook?... I think it was Captain Hand.

When we got home from the ER with Lucy & Abel was upset because he had wished he could have gone with us to take care of her.
Cwurly Soup-- Lucy, calling Isla "Curly Sue" or really any time Lucy says cwurly it's the cutest.

Isla's secrets or her wiping your tears away.

Abel explaining how things are made, with hand gestures, like candy canes or juice.
"My favorite part of school is coming home to you." --Abel, my favorite son.

Slow mornings at home.
..."I hope you don't say no to this but..." -- followed by something I would absolutely say no to.

Isla tucking in her bunny & pulling the blankets all the way up to her chin for bed.

New-None, Mitch (Sandwich), Ta Ta! (ta-da) -- Isla Jane

Isla hugs around my legs & neck

When Abel and Lucy named everything "Meldew" or "Skeer bo deer"

Abel "discussing" and teaching lucy a lesson, helping her to be respectful and put her heart back...

"Agh! I have to kiss her" -- Abel about Isla being the cutest