to husband.

You know you picked a good one when ...

1) After almost nine years, you still can't get enough time with them & you miss them the second they walk out the door... Which usually leads to a little phone call, just to say I love you again

2) You've dreamed of having a girl baby for your whole life but you kind of hope a little bit, that you're having a boy baby so it can look just like him :)

It's always a surprise when I find myself loving husband even more than the day before... NOT because he's not perfectly wonderful, handsome, kind & loving... I'm surprised because even after all this time, whenever I feel like I love him the max amount possible and like I couldn't squeeze out even one more drop, it happens again. My heart grows bigger. I love him more. He's my best friend in the whole world & it makes me so happy that God picked him for me! Every day I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you hunny :) I love you!

sidenote: Fridays are usually baby update days, but I mean... An onion? Other than the fact that it's the current size of our little bebe at 17 weeks... They mostly just smell, make your eyes water, and in my opinion, shouldn't be mixed in with a lot of foods that people think they should be. But we are thankful for growth over here! A healthy baby, and an official bump (or, awkward from the front bump, as I like to call it) so here's to onion sized babies! all good news!

Enjoy your weekend!

bump alert.

happy tuesday!
i have been keeping track of ‘the bump’ since our very first doctor’s appointment at 5 weeks, but didn’t want to seem all myspace-y while baby was still so small! baby hasn’t decided to show him or herself until juuuuust recently… and it’s still a questionable bump, but i’m owning it & am declaring that i am officially ‘bumping out’.
so we’ve got that goin’ on!

avocado? guacamole…..

weekly update!!
baby sal is officially the size of an avocado, & is hearing all sorts of sounds! dogs barking, doorbell ringing, loud music, talking… you name it! which is great news, because this will prepare baby for all of the noises that are part of our daily life :) … it ain’t quiet around here! AND, baby is getting it’s fingerprints!
becaaaaause avocados aren’t THAT much bigger in size than last week’s naval orange measurement, this week i give you a recipe! guacamole, yummmm!
enjoy lots of it with salty, salty chips!
happy weekend!
  • Ingredients:
  • 2 Ripe Hass avocados
  • 1 1/2 Tablespoon finely diced red onion
  • 1 Tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 Tablespoon lime juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon pepper
  1. In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients except for the avocado. Next, peel and remove the seed from the avocados. Dice the avocado into 1/2 inch pieces. Add the avocado to the mixing bowl with other ingredients and using a fork gently smoosh the avocado a few times, you do not want to make a paste, make sure you maintain some texture. Serve with some tortilla chips or cover with plastic wrap to prevent browning.

WHO is joining our little family?

at this week’s doctor’s appointment, we were pleased to find out some good news! NO, not the gender of our baby, not yet… but i waaas able to sweet talk my way into getting our ultrasound done a teeny bit earlier! woohoo!
it’s gonna be a big day! we will find out if we are having a mini-he or a mini-she :) pretty exciting stuff! until then though! I thought it’d be fun to put up a poll and see who YOU think will be joining the sal family!
you can place your votes on the LEFT SIDEBAR of the blog right underneath our social media links!
happy voting!

monster cookies.

i just couldn’t help myself.
it was time for baking! so little sister came over and we made homemade monster cookies. deeeeelish! we used a recipe from the all knowing, paula deen… and surprisingly enough, it only called for one stick of butter ;)
they turned out to be very yummy, peanut buttery, oat-y, chocolatey… mmmm.
recipe can be found here!
happy monday!


nothing rhymes with orange.

hello!! so i’m 15 weeks today :) the little is now the size of a naval orange…
those are the big ones, good for you baby!
to clarify… or atleast let you in on my baby fruit measuring chart’s justification of comparisons. while baby is growing, they measure him or her from the top of it’s crown to the bottom of it’s little rump, so when i say that they are the size of a naval orange, it really means that the average baby at 15 weeks measures at about 4 inches (which is apparently the length/width of an average naval orange)… make sense? it’s sort of strange & sometimes the following weeks fruit or veggie seems smaller than the previous week, but if your pregnancy iphone app says your baby is a naval orange… it MUST be a naval orange. iphone knows best… ;)
ANYHOW, as mentioned below… our little bun can hear my voice this week! SAY WHAAAA???! that is seriously the craziest thing ever! you mean to tell me, that now when i talk to myself there is a little someone listening in on my conversation??
nuts i tell you.
all joking aside though… i cried when i read that. it just makes it even more real for me :) so, happy 15 week birthday baby! that is definitely something to be celebrated! i can’t wait to hear your little heart beat again on monday morning!


just stopping in to say, "whoa dang! these look gooooood."
...just sayin'
pinterest makes my mouth water. sooo i think i'll make these this weekend :) baby isn't against the idea, and what baby says goes. 
happy thursday!

**recipe & photo found here**

a few jumbled thoughts on pregnancy this morning.


1) i’m pregnant. it’s weird… and awesome, and exciting, and kind of uneventful so far all at the same time!

2) i think i had a naive idea of what getting a bump would be like? i’ve seen friends, other women, & other bloggers go through the transition, but for me, i was just going to have my normal stomach & then out of no where have this precious little bump. going through the awkward, thick waisted, ‘is she pregnant or just eating one or five too many donuts EVERY DAY?’ phase was just something i would skip over :) haha.

3) morning sickness? cravings? aversions? other weird & unpleasant symptoms?… what’s that? referring to number one of this post, when i say uneventful, i only mean that so far this entire pregnancy has been smooooothe sailing, and for that i am thankful. before you have ever been pregnant, you truly have NO idea what hand you will be dealt. i for one am preeeetty grateful that i haven’t had any of the crazy symptoms you hear about others going through! && the ones they have listed on the questionnaire at the doctor’s office?!?! PRAISE YOU JESUS! i didn’t even know half of that stuff was a possibility! so i’m a privileged preggo girl. what of it?! i just hope this doesn’t mean our baby is going to pay us back in full once he or she gets here & give us the hardest time in all of baby/parent history! i kid, i kid! ;)

4) ummm, major props to couples who didn’t or couldn’t find out the gender of their baby before delivery! i think it is the most awesome thing in the world, and what a surprise it would be to wait!! but for reals… i’m not sure i could do it! atleast not with my first baby anyway! i am dyyyyinnngggg to know what we are having! seriously. counting the days! i don’t have a feeling one way or the other. soooo many first time moms say, “i feel like it’s a (insert gender here), i just have a strong feeling.” yea, not this mama! i can barely even feel a difference between not being pregnant, and being pregnant (or maybe i’ve just forgotten??) much less have a feeling as to whether its a mini-me or mini-chris in there! most of our friends are betting boy,  & there are not many people on team baby girl, womp womp. husband has it in his mind that it’s a boy, quite frankly, i don’t think he even knows that it’s a 50/50 chance and that a little girl could be a possibility! haha! i guess we’ll see! truth be told… i haaaave been working on evening out the boy/girl piles of clothes that i have picked up along the way… i may have been a little girl heavy to start out ;) but we will be THRILLED either way, and it will be nice to start envisioning what our little pepperoni will look like, as opposed to the non-descript baby blob that i currently picture holding in my loving arms.

5) 5 minute meltdowns. this might be one of the only things i HAVE experienced since being ‘with child’ <--- (i kind of love saying it that way ha! it just sounds funny, and awesome.) anyhow, yea, i was sort of a 5 minute meltdowner over nothing type girl before, but it has become more apparent since being ‘with child’ <--- (ha! there it is again ;)) that and also that whole ‘pregnancy brain’ thing they talk about? it’s real. i’ll be pricing stuff up at the vintage shop & i’ll ask my mom how much she wants to price an item, she’ll tell me, i’ll turn to write it down & i’ve already forgotten… so that’s nice!

6) overall, it’s just crazy exciting to think that chris and i are starting something as wonderful as family. i get emotional when i think of my grandparents & their story. they fell in love and started something AMAZING. 8 kids, and those kids got married and had kids, and now their kids are having kids (aka me). it’s just nuts to think that husband and i are starting our own version of that now! i love it. in all seriousness, it just really is truly wonderful to be a part of God’s giant plan. blessed, blessed, blessed.

7) …but, enough about me, how are YOU today?!

gabrielle’s bridal shower.

oh, what fun it is to be a bride!

currently one of my best friends is just weeks away from playing dress up & taking on the role of ‘the most beautiful bride there ever was’… and becoming a wife! SO exciting! && i couldn’t be more happy for her! this past week, we celebrated her & showered her with love & pretty presents (mine is the one photographed below :)) it was a precious shower, hosted by her maid of honor! she did a great job planning & had everything super organized, which made it easy to help set up! hooray for a party :) we love you gaby!



on friday my family… (well, part of it) and i went up to estes park for a day full of nothing.

life is so full.

full of good things, great things, not as great things, work, things to do, you name it. let me tell you… it was SO nice to put away ‘the list’ and just go and DO. we didn’t have an agenda, didn’t really pick a time to leave. just woke up, got ready & drove up to one of the most beautiful places you will visit. my family has been going to estes park for as long as i can remember. we have an annual trip in october that we go on & stay overnight in a cabin on the river. everyone is there & it’s pretty much the best time ever. this was just a quick day trip, but equally fulfilling. we hiked. it rained. we ate at our usual burger place. walked the town. just spent time.

more than anything it got me SO excited for our trip in a few weeks! anyhow. take time this week to do nothing. no phone. no internet. no distractions. just BE. it’s great :)

happy monday!

photo 1estes2 estes1 photo 1 (2)

when life gives you lemons…

you compare them to the size of your growing baby!
that’s right friends :)
baby sal is 14 weeks old & currently the size of a large lemon!
still no bump yet, which is hard to believe when you think of having an extra lemon sized being in your belly, but in time… for now, savoring feeling like myself & still being able to fit through tight spaces ;)
in other news, i reeeeally miss my husband. counting the days until he is here with me!
anywhoooo, i’m off to estes park for a family day!
enjoy your weekend!
our little lemondrop & i sure will :)
babylemon yummmlemonssourlemonadecincoblk