we are officially vertical as far as house progress goes + I'm over here smiling like an idiot every time I look out our window :)
but seriously, it's the coolest thing ever to watch, and see the difference at the end of each day, and imagine our life in there...

I still can't believe this is real life and I still don't know why God has continued to bless me over and over and over again... I am undeserving, but am most definitely thankful!!! other news, our computer got a fat case of irreversible water damage + I've been mourning the loss. not really, it's sort of been refreshing to open a few books instead of a computer, and I had thankfully just recently backed our photos up, buuuut that's where this blog has gone, womp womp. I will be back soon and will absolutely be resizing the photos in this post because I can hardly look at it. happy thursday!!! 


^^^YOU: trick yourself into thinking things are cheese + then you eat them... but definitely "no green part", have the cutest little (or not so little) vocabulary + voice, and hearing you count to ten on your own "123  5678" or just "three fi six" sometimes... is the sweetest. you're curious about everything under the sun, talk non-stop "here mama, here" --are adventurous + wild and will jump off of anyyyything. you love your family-- daddy chris, mama + oo ee baby, allll the aunties, uncles + grandparents too, have a strict no girls policy, only like my hair down + said dinner prayer all by yourself last week with no prompting from us, i cried... you're the very best, abel. i love you.

ME: trying to learn discipline. working towards simplifying every aspect of life- house, closet, food, brain-- everything. sneaking cookie dough any chance i get. loooooving the sunshine + the freckles that have come along with it! trying to remain patient waiting for the house to be done + dreaming of the day it is, the decorating, the memories, alll the heart eyes. loving chris because he's the best + he deserves it. trying to put more focus on God + the good stuff, and less on the things that distract me from it. 

+++YOU: are walking now... what?! at nine months? yes. you love to eat any food i put in front of you + are over being spoon fed. you play with your eyelashes when you nurse + got a little spoiled the weekend of the baby showers + have been a permanent hip attachment since. you're rolly + snuggly, you looooove the water, bath time, splashing outside, rain... like a moth to a flame. abel is your very best friend. you have the sweetest grumbly voice + are always chit chattering. you reach/lean towards daddy anytime he's near, poke people in the face when they're close enough, make the funniest scrunchy face that we love, wake up earlier than you should + know it, have the chunkiest little booty + i still love it most when you lay your head on my shoulder. sweet sunshine girl, i love you lucy!

be bonafide.

my favorite people are bonafide people. 
real, down to earth, genuine, you pick your descriptive word. i strive to live an authentic life + am naturally drawn to others doing the same, whether that be in my daily life or through my instagram feed. -- chris once told me that he believed if any of the people following my social media feeds or blog met me in person, that i would be exactly the way i portrayed myself online... this firstly, made me want to cry, because it is honestly SO important to me. ESPECIALLY coming from the person who knows me best inside and out... it really meant so much.

social media can seriously give us a skewed version of a person's story. we see mostly their highlight reel + end up comparing it to our behind the scenes and we sometimes walk away not feeling inspired, but instead feel discouraged about the way we are living our lives, taking our pictures, raising our families, dressing ourselves, etc. ---i'm guilty of this on more than one account, and i'd guess that you probably are too.

that's why i love Be Bonafide in a major, all the heart eyes kind of way :) head on over to their website (and snag this print- HERE) or IG (@bebonafide) and jump on board with their mission of encouraging others to be authentic, we need a lot more of that!
post pictures with your kids when you don't have make up on, use a bad situation for good + encourage one another, let people see your heart, say and be organically you without insecurity... and in the mean time, remember that this blog (along with most others) is a small peek into my imperfect life. my toddler has public meltdowns too, my husband and i argue about ridiculous things and important ones too, my family has heartaches, i eat waaaay too much sugar + i spend more time deciding what i'll wear then i do actually wearing it... i'm normal, life isn't always pretty pictures + rainbows... but regardless of it all, i choose the happy.

evenings on the green grass

our summer days end here.
our front yard, on the "green grass" (abel)
i couldn't ask for a better ending to, or better days than this.
thank you Jesus.
^^^no filtering, just God's beautiful masterpiece. (#salvaggionecorner on IG)

farmer's market season!

over the weekend we went to our first farmer's market of the season! it was chris' first time to the old town market, and lucy's first market ever, so abel + i were happy to show them the ropes ;)
we started our morning with some chocolate croissants ("tah-it cri-ints" says abel) from the cutest little bakery in town and walked our way through old town + over to where the market is at... put that fancy stroller (+ camera) to good use! 
i am SO happy to have the sun back! it's a serious game changer for our all around health. we love weekends where we leave the house, as is, early on saturday morning + it doesn't get put back in it's place until monday morning(sometimes) for a new week, and that was this weekend :) the first of many for the season i hope!! 
^^^normally watching or hearing (hearing makes my ears bleeeeed) people eat is not what i live for, but watching abel devour this croissant (or anything) is adorable... and the look on his face in the first pic looks like he is flirting and makes me smile so big, especially because he was actually playing with lucy and making her laugh. 
^^^family photos... you take what you can get!
^^^the famer's market had some really great vendors, even better than the last time i had gone. these succulents made me want some- i kill anything green, but a girl can dream!
^^^this chai was a serious winner, we bought some and it was money well spent.
^^^this guy was funny, he made abel smile + laugh, and i mean he juggled swords and even that bowling ball at one point... respect.
^^^he is the cutest husband, i'm the luckiest.
alllllllll the heart eyes for this family of mine!! 
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