we are officially vertical as far as house progress goes + I'm over here smiling like an idiot every time I look out our window :)
but seriously, it's the coolest thing ever to watch, and see the difference at the end of each day, and imagine our life in there...

I still can't believe this is real life and I still don't know why God has continued to bless me over and over and over again... I am undeserving, but am most definitely thankful!!! other news, our computer got a fat case of irreversible water damage + I've been mourning the loss. not really, it's sort of been refreshing to open a few books instead of a computer, and I had thankfully just recently backed our photos up, buuuut that's where this blog has gone, womp womp. I will be back soon and will absolutely be resizing the photos in this post because I can hardly look at it. happy thursday!!! 

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Jess Hover said...

Hooray!!!! I love this progress!! And I was just thinking today about how I wish I knew how to resize my photos on the blog so when you do yours can you enlighten me on how to do it? I feel so inept in blogtown :) Love you to the moon!