farmer's market season!

over the weekend we went to our first farmer's market of the season! it was chris' first time to the old town market, and lucy's first market ever, so abel + i were happy to show them the ropes ;)
we started our morning with some chocolate croissants ("tah-it cri-ints" says abel) from the cutest little bakery in town and walked our way through old town + over to where the market is at... put that fancy stroller (+ camera) to good use! 
i am SO happy to have the sun back! it's a serious game changer for our all around health. we love weekends where we leave the house, as is, early on saturday morning + it doesn't get put back in it's place until monday morning(sometimes) for a new week, and that was this weekend :) the first of many for the season i hope!! 
^^^normally watching or hearing (hearing makes my ears bleeeeed) people eat is not what i live for, but watching abel devour this croissant (or anything) is adorable... and the look on his face in the first pic looks like he is flirting and makes me smile so big, especially because he was actually playing with lucy and making her laugh. 
^^^family photos... you take what you can get!
^^^the famer's market had some really great vendors, even better than the last time i had gone. these succulents made me want some- i kill anything green, but a girl can dream!
^^^this chai was a serious winner, we bought some and it was money well spent.
^^^this guy was funny, he made abel smile + laugh, and i mean he juggled swords and even that bowling ball at one point... respect.
^^^he is the cutest husband, i'm the luckiest.
alllllllll the heart eyes for this family of mine!! 
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