family comes to visit!!

SO excited because this week we have a FULL house! 7 people that is, in our one bedroom apartment :) slumber partyyyy!!! one of my dancers & favorite people from home, rachel, is arriving today! leaving to pick her up at the airport soon! then tomorrow the rest of the family arrives, both brothers, a sister and my mom (smiles). it's going to be a crazy week! we've got soccer camp, bootcamp, theVoice Auditions, quality time, yoforia, slumber party and more! i will update as much as possible throughout the week, but will DEFINITLEY give a recap this coming weekend! love to all! enjoy your week! Happy August tomorrow.... how did that happen???

this past week.

this past week on SUGAR hill...

 went back to my roots... literally :)
 cooked in the kitch with husband.
 spent time with some lazy & tired puppkins.
we got a couch cover! weeeee!
went back to dance!
 it got pret-ty steamy here in char-town.
 the romeos hosted best and i for a delicious meal.
like i said... delicious. i know your mouth is watering.
 celebrated gibson's birthday, complete with pop rocks.
 more celebrating.
found sweet leaf in a bottle, in charlotte. if this were twitter i'd hashtag, #win.
 chris got the sweetest picture EVER of mom & dot sleeping in together :)
hip hop camp.

great week!
tomorrow... hip hop camp, a Project Love meeting that could open lots of doors (PRAYERS please), eagles social, and hot yoga (chris is coming, yayy)!!
next week... teaching BootCamp & family comes to town!! BEYOND excited.

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love to ALL of you sweet friends!

if we had a coffee date...

There are so many loved ones that I don't have the luxury of going on dates with regularly & even friends that are close by that schedules keep us from getting together often enough! So this is my way of staying positive & looking forward to future dates with friends! Also, LOVE having friends be a part of the blog, makes me miss them even more!  Enjoy :)
my date with bethany.
if we had a coffee date...
we probably wouldn't get coffee. we'd meet at the wisdom tea house & pick the room upstairs. i'd get the raspberry hot chocolate & choose the MOST vintage, granny teacup & saucer that they have. you'd get something different & i'd probably want to try it :) we would talk about life & how special we are to eachother! you'd tell me about your future plans & i'd feel more proud to know you with each word that you share. dance, project love, God, Chris & Jess would probably be topics of conversation. we'd laugh and maybe cry... and get together a plan for our next visit! pictures and hugs would finish up our date, and i would already be looking forward to the next time i'd see your face :)

Hilla, if we had a coffee date...We would go to a cute cafe or tea house downtown and sit outside after the longest hug ever. We would probably cry seeing each other because it has been too long. I would compliment your stylish outfit and beautiful self and we would get something that tastes like heaven in a cup. We would sit outside soakin' up the sun laughing and talking about life, love and God. We would bring up Jess Hover and how we need to see ourselves how she sees us :) We would probably talk about memories, the future and encourage each other. I would tell you how much you mean to me and how amazing i think you are :) we would definitely take cute pictures and maybe walk around downtown for a bit. We would have a hard time saying goodbye and probably text each other right after to say how much fun we had.
my date with jessica.
if we had a coffee date...
we'd DEFINITELY meet at TheBucks. probably the one at the BriargateShops... we'd hopefully get our table in the corner :) in the past we've talked a while so we'd have to set aside ATLEAST three hours. the time would FLY by. we'd talk about our husbands, our struggles, and our amazing God. you'd teach me more than ever & inspire me to grow. i hope i'd do the same for you, because I love you more than you know(i couldn't help but to throw in atleast one rhyme here :) we'd talk and talk until our drinks got cold, and i would hate when it was time to go... but i'd know that there was next time, you've got so many people to share your love with & i'd have a hot yoga class calling my name!
Hillary, if we had a coffee date...
Being that it is unlikely I will be able to actually take my sweet Hillary on a date this week, and that this whole thing is really just a dream my heart wishes would come true, I am going to take this dream to an entirely new level and add things that may not ever really happen... but I will describe what would certainly be the most lovely of dates.
Chris & Shaun would be out of town traveling- Chris would be scoring goals & Shaun would be kick-flipping down sets of stairs- & the only logical thing for Hill & I to do would be to go on a girly vacation “date” together. I would take her to some completely adorable coffee shops around the world- the point of our rendezvous would be to get away, have the best time, eat delicious food, & enjoy the different spots I have been to over the past 3 years. We would start by flying to Barcelona, Spain, which would be the best. We would laugh like crazy, make friends with strangers, fake different accents, embrace different cultures, & talk about how much we like our husbands. In Spain we would walk the gorgeous streets until we found this sweet little tea shop that I went to once (& thought of Hillary), the walls are adorned with different teas, and bookshelves are filled with amazing books... plus the decor is like something from a really sweet girly movie that someone like Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, or Meg Ryan would definitely be filmed in. We would talk all about God & life & the different things we struggle with & how God is so great... and again how much we like our husbands. Then we would fly to Thailand so I could take her to Wawee Coffee, an amazing coffee shop that is completely classy & looks like it is in a log cabin jungle spa. There we would talk about YWAM & Project Love & our dreams & how much we love each other. We would laugh A LOT, because that is what we do together. Plus we would take lots of pictures because we would be in Thailand. From there we would go to India to this beautiful coffee shop in the Himalayan mountains, we would have real Indian chai & enjoy wearing winter clothes- because we both love that. Finally we would wrap things up in Colorado- first a Starbucks in Breckenridge that I adore, Hillary would too, plus by that time we would have picked up each other’s tendencies, so people would ask if we were sisters. We would love that. Then we would finish in Estes Park at the Starbucks by the little river... that one is just beautiful. Shaun & Chris would meet us there, & then we would have a double-date weekend in Estes.. because we both love it there too! In the end it would be the best week ever & we would just be hugging each other & praising Jesus for how good He is to give us so much time together.

What would YOU do on your perfect coffee date? When would it be? What would you talk about?! I'd love to hear YOUR version of your coffee date :)

how do you wear YOUR love?

Check out how I dressed up Project Love’s ‘Love is the Answer' Striped Racerback Tank!
I paired it with high waisted- floral shorts (forever21), my favorite new beige ankle boots (forever 21), a green- open front vest (marshalls), thrift accessories & my staple: clear heart necklace (compliments of the mom-in-love)!
layers.. check.
mix & match? check, check.
As for hair… messy, messy! I teased the top & tied knots in the bottom. No seriously, knots. Try it! split the hair in half & tie about 4 knots. tease the bottom for more hold & use bobby pins to pin it, the end. SO quick and easy!
This is one of the many ways i've worn this tank! It's one of my favorite PLove items ever, and one of our original designs! nostalgia :)) It is so cute and versatile! dress it up or wear it casual!

How do you wear YOUR love?
Email us your pictures & be featured on the blog!
Be Blessed!

oh, dance.

today was my first day back at dance in almost TEN months! whoa. how did the time fly by so quickly?! because of us moving around at the most akward times of the year, i haven't been teaching regularly. this is the longest i have ever gone without dance.. ever! let me tell you it felt so good to be back. to use the gift God blessed me with. to share love & encouragement with others. to choreograph. to move. ahh, it was just delightful. SO thankful for the steps kids & so glad that the next two weeks are packed full of dancing & then on to regularly scheduled programming, aka regular teaching schedule :) i feel excited and i feel blessed to get to do what i do. welcome back dance, i love you.
thank you LORD. i love You more.
happy thursday lovelies!
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a little megan fox love.

today is a megan fox day. she is so DANG PRETTY. i just wanted to take a minute to appreciate the stunning beauty God blessed her with. LOVELY.
enjoy this wonderful tuesday! love to all you BEAUTIES :)

a weekend with sister.

this weekend, my older sister came to visit us! we had SUCH a wonderful weekend. it was a great blessing getting to spend time with her, and we are thankful that she chose to spend some of her vacation days here with us! here are some of the highlights from the weekend, can't wait for our next visit! i love you sister!!

she arrived! yayyy! her flight was delayed out of DIA due to weather & it was almost guaranteed she wasn't going to make her connecting flight in ATL to get to Charlotte. THANKFULLY there were delays in atlanta too! so she made it to us safe and sound, just a little later than planned :) LOVE late nights.
we slept in soooo late the next morning... like almost noon late!! the pets spent some quality snuggle time with their auntie tay & we all ate breakfast together... bagel sandwiches, yummm.
had to go to caribou. mint condition? de-lish. AND guess what peeps... i found a coffee drink i like! this is HUGE because i do not like coffee AT ALL. a turtle mocha from caribou coffee, slurp! SO good. probably because it tastes like a snicker bar and not like coffee ha! either way.. yumm.
later that evening...
taylor experience her first eagles game and met my best!
it rained the entiiiire game which has NEVER happened while we've lived here & left us with soggy seats. but what can you do, and atleast we got some cute pics out of it :)
saturday we woke up bright and early so that we could have the entire day to go and do! we went to the farmers market in matthews, found a cute little coffee shop where i enjoyed the most delicious vanilla chai EVER... seriously, tasted like autumn in a cup.
when we got home i was able to shoot some great pictures of tay for the most recent, 'how to wear your love' post. then it was off to sushi, stacey's, and then out for some wine & good conversation.
Sunday we were so excited to show her our church, Elevation. we LOVE it and were happy we could share it with someone that we love so much. we HAD to take her to the flying biscuit for breakfast, which we all thoroughly enjoyed, and finally.... the SUN! poolside with sister is the best.
last stop... yoforia. i talked it up to her the entire trip. she was impressed :)
WONDERFUL, wonderful trip. i miss her already & am so thankful to have her as my sister. it was such a blessing having this time with her & i hope our next visit is sooooon!!
now it's back to the two of us. and of course the pets. love my husband, off to spend some quality time with him. have a wonderful week!