girly night, take two.

part two of our girl time was a success, as usual.
elle and i tried a recipe that we found on pinterest and let me tell you.... chocolate wasted!!! chocolate chip cookie dough layer, double stuffed oreos, brownie mix, bake... topped with vanilla ice cream & hot fudge, yummy.
the romeos hosted us at their lovely home & it was truly a wonderful night. as i stood in the kitchen having great conversation with some of the most special people in my life, i took a look around the room and just smiled at all of the love in the room. so many different people, different conversation topics... it was awesome. to top off the evening, my sister sent me an amazing picture that she caught on accident!! i love God so much! He is AMAZING, and i am thankful to be His child.
forgive the photo quality, it was an iphone night. love to all :)
heart happy.

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