Recipe Love.

So, many of you saw the delicious dessert that my friends and I shared this week, yummmm. Elle and I found the recipe on Pinterest, and I wanted to share it with you so that YOU could get chocolate wasted too! I am not a huge fan of brownies, so next time I think I will skip them and do another layer of cookie on top instead! Maybe two different cookie flavors?! We will see!
Here is the link! Enjoy!
What is YOUR favorite recipe?! Share it with me :)


Emily said...

*squeal* you're amazing! i may just use this for my birthday because i find it so amazing! maybe i'll mix it up a bit... ;)

Emily said...

umm..... YUMMO! If you are interested in learning more recipes visit a blog called "how sweet it is." She has some uber, mouth-watering recipes on her blog.


Life on Sugar Hill said...

yumm! thank you for sharing emily! will definitely check it out, i LOVE new recipes :)

emmy let me know how you make yours :)