isla jane || 4 months

I cannot believe that this little beauty is 4 months old... NO. I can't remember a life without her + my confession is that I am completely and utterly addicted to her. Addicted to her soft skin, her striking blue eyes, the fuzzy head, alllll the rolls, her little giggle, the sparkle that is her very own. + the bottom lip sucking you guys, I can't, it's the cutest little granny look ever. I feel like I keep saying that she is our little prize and so easy, but she truly truly is. I've believed all my babies were easy + wonderful, but her place in line I think adds to hers. Third babies should be easy, as a mom it's like you've earned it at this point... not to mention, all of the action with your older kids, enhances the sweet + easy nature of a baby. She's happy all the time, can't say that about my other two or myself haha. As for milestones and what not... she rolls over + turtle spins + laughs. She sits in a bumbo, has continued only waking one time a night until last night (praying that was a fluke + not some 4 month sleep regression action.. no way isla, fight the power), she loves blankies + is about ready for the bounce bounce. We love her endlessly, i love you isla, i love you love you love you!!


we finally rang in fall + went to the pumpkin patch. i love october, please let it never end. the sun is going down soooo much earlier + i can already feel myself moving into a season of mourning longer days... okay that's probably over dramatic, but i really don't look forward to daylight savings or november even a little bit. the darkness parallels my heart too closely in november + the cold is not as welcomed now that i have three small children, can we atleast skip to christmas lights + carols + sweet baby jesus to make up for it?! anyway, end rant. pumpkin patches + october + family + abby coming to town soon + new friends + lantern fest + NYC make me happy and i'll leave you with that + these happy pictures! enjoy these last october days + send me over your november loves to help me get on board ;)