a quick message brought to you by simultaneous napping by not two but THREE of my children.

this morning i was overwhelmed, and got down on myself feeling like i'd never again have time for myself to do the things i enjoy or write or edit photos or just be silent and still. 
as i sit writing this, i have three sleeping children (in the middle of the day- at the same time), it feels like fall out, and i'm enjoying a cup of coffee all by myself during this miracle of rarely occurring silence. thank you Jesus. 
being a mother has been the very most rewarding thing i've experienced EVER, ever, ever, ever... it's also drained me + i've lost myself in ways that i wish i hadn't. i take full responsibility for it, but almost 4 years is my breaking point. i need change. i need to start prioritizing myself regularly, because i can't be the insanely awesome + loving mom that God designed me to be + that i truly am deep inside, when often times i find myself feeling exhausted + worn out + don't know who i am or which way is up. in saying all of this, God knows what we need, and i'm giving him full credit for this moment brought to you by simultaneous naps. thank you God for loving me anyway + taking care of me always, and for choosing me for this ever so wonderful + challenging role. amen.
...now, how bout those faces + that glorious sunset!