aliveFESTIVAL. ohioooo.

Project Love is back from another festival, this time in Ohio. Hello Somebody invited us to join them at Alive! To say we had fun would be a SERiOUS understatement. I am not sure I have laughed as much as I did this past week in... well, ever. I took my friend Gabrielle and it was so wonderful getting to know both her and the hello somebody team better! more people to LOVE! in these past two weeks I have learned so so much, and have been blessed with so much inspiration! I can't wait to continue expanding Project Love, y'all should get excited! Can't wait for future events and can't wait for Chris to be able to join me for all of the fun! Check out pictures from the week below, AND don't forget to enter in our huge giveaway!! only a few days left before we choose our winner!! Be blessed!

Ohio: surprisingly beautiful.
 Hello Somebody & Project Love Collab :)
 James and his lovely wife Christian
 Ride Nature Mustaches... check 'em out...
 Just met Switchfoot... no biggie, shook their hands :)
 homemade ice cream... deeee-licious
 Lead singer of Fireflight... gangstaaa.
 backseat... pouring rain... double buckle... ahta's photo skills.
 smells so good.
 kris allen, so so good.
 this was our feet ALL week!!
 Lead singer of Tenth Avenue North just took a PLove shirt... wore it to sign autographs :)
 our hotel room... bag on the left: elle, war zone on the right: me :)
 delirious road trip home. drove straight through the night into morning.
 GORGEOUS sunrise!!!
WONDERFULwonderful week. For more pictures check the facebook page :) Love to all!

ichthus festival.

so... it has been TOO long since my last post.. BUT.. Project Love just got back from an incredible week at Ichthus Festival in Kentucky! oh. my. gosh. we were SO SO blessed while we were there! We met some of the greatest people on this planet and it was only because of God... some of the guys from an organization called Hello Somebody. YOU should definitely check them out. they have sick watches and the best part is that each one sold feeds 125 kids!! such an amazing cause & i cannot even begin to explain how thankful i am to have met them! and wait... there is more! they were generous enough to invite us to join them at Alive Festival in Ohio this week, come see us if you are going to be there! truly, truly some of the nicest, genuine people you will meet, and what a great movement to be a part of! if YOU met us at Ichthus & bought a tee or tank, send us your pictures for our facebook page---> and check out the rest of the pictures from the week on facebook!

the commander is packed and ready to hit the road.
 We're here!! Setting up... in a HUGE lightening storm.. metal pole right next to us? no big deal...
seriously rained SO much.
goodbye kentucky, hello charlotte.
 aaaand... we're home :))
 please, please go and check out:: Hello Somebody, Olive Tree Clothing, The Love Alliance, & Rock For Life. You won't regret it :) Love & Blessings!

owning the name.

Last night i truly owned my italian last name :) many of you know that i am SUPER proud to be italian... by marriage of course! So last night I made Chris's Mom's Eggplant Parmesan recipe, and let me tell you... it was deeee-lish! Had to have dessert, so while Chris napped, I surprised him with homemade chocolate chip cookies, BROWNIE POINTTTS! I love cooking & baking for husband.
Then, I checked off my last thing on my 'Kentucky/Ichthus To-Do List'... our sign! weeee! It turned out really cute! I can't wait to get there & 'spread the love' with new peeps & enjoy some QT with one of my bests, Abby.. and Harlow seems to think she is coming too :) Pray for us while we are there & enjoy your week!!

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