oh hey!

hi friends!
please excuse my absence from the world this week, i started my week out here...
yea, that's the hospital. 
ivs, monitors, fluids... all that fun stuff :(
i started getting sick the sunday before thanksgiving & thought that heartburn/reflux had just come around again & that it'd probably pass after a few days like the last time baby boy had a growth spurt... but after 8 days of not being able to keep ANYTHING down, food or drink, i went in to see my doctor... only to find out that i was super dehydrated (ya think?), i had lost ALL of the weight i had gained my entire pregnancy so far in only 6 days, and that my body had gone into ketosis & was starting to eat the fat & muscle that i've worked so hard to save up. so what i thought was going to be an hour appointment, maybe send me home with some type of simple diagnosis or medicine to take, turned into an all day visit at the hospital complete with fluid through iv, 2 ultrasounds, & the soundtrack of my babies heart playing on repeat (the last part i didn't mind so much :))
the great news is, that our little mister is 100% okay & still growing perfectly in there... SO GLAD! && as far as the docs, mostly they weren't able to pinpoint exactly what's going on with me, but they did get my fluids up so i didn't look like pregnant bella from twilight anymore, plus prescribed a few different medications to try out & also said a possible liquid diet may help.
2 of the 3 medications did not work, and as much as i am not happy about having to take any medicine at all (granola cruncher)... i have taken one of them for the past 3 days, have eaten easy foods & have been feeling much better. praise the Lord too, because i was hungryyyy. definitely glad to be better, but am for sure going to try & wean off of the medicine if i can so that baby boy can be cozy in there, all natural. even if it means liquid diet for this mama for the next 10 weeks. we will see.
oh, and yea you heard right... only TEN weeks left!
say whaaaaat?!
you guys seriously. HOW can we be so close to meeting our guy??! 
i can't wait.
his face was SO cute in the ultrasound...  i mean... SO FREAKIN' CUTE! his little mouth.. gah. i just love him. pretty sure he loves me too... he gives me love bumps almost every minute of the day now. 
i just still think it's nuts that he is just chillin' in there. being a baby.
pretty sweet if you ask me :)
anyhow... there's a weekly recap! glad i'm caught up on things & back to blogging! i have really missed my little corner of the internet alot! 
i hope you had a wonderful week & are in for a fun weekend!
happy friday! xoxo


happy friday all! wanted to let you know about Project Love's SALE!
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happy shopping!

the cookie monster.

a tale of  the cookie monster.
oh harvey...
as mentioned in this post, our boy has a new habit of counter surfing & he's got a sharp nose for dessert. cookies seem to be his favorite find so far, though in recent months, he has found, unpackaged & eaten the following:
1/4 of a bag of frosted animal crackers
a piece of pie from the farmer's market
4 favor bags from my baby shower... that's TWELVE! chocolate dipped oreos
neiman marcus cake
donut holes
2 caramel apple pops
aaaaand we aren't forgetting ANY dog food that is left around the house that doesn't belong to him. you would think he's never been fed... HE HAS. THIS is a brand new habit he has started & we are not sure WHERE it came from. i was REALLY worried at first, because i was scared he'd be sick, but apparently he is a tank & just loves dessert... boy after my own heart, haha! we really aren't bad dog parents & are keeping an EXTRA close eye on him these days! cross your fingers for us that he loses his sweet tooth here before the holidays, because there will be LOTS of goodies around.... oh boy!

is this real life?

i still sometimes most times can’t believe there is a tiny person in my belly. fully alive, with an entire life ahead of him, laid out by God.
not yet tampered with by ‘the world’. a little life who is changing mine & chris’ in a BIG way. i am experiencing one of God’s greatest miracles daily & i am so thankful that He chose me for this task. what a blessing it is, having part in MAKING ANOTHER PERSON, & what a privilege and blessing it is going to be being a mom. wow.
i am so happy & excited.
i love you little wiggle worm. i can’t wait to meet you & know what you look like, smell your sweet skin & give you little baby massages before bedtime. i also can’t wait to see your daddy & all of our family love on you… my fat little heart is going to leap out of my chest & melt into a puddle on the floor… love, mommy

a happy little list.

just a few things making me so super happy lately...

this little boy in my tum... who currently has the wiggles, and i love it.
peppermint hot chocolate.
vines vintage market (it's EXTRA cozy around the holidays)
rearranging places & spaces: we just did our room & i'm in love.
the fact that my parents come home tomorrow, cancer FREE!
husband... per usual.
the new project love goodies.
our black & white puppy's new cookie monster habit of finding & eating ANY dessert in sight! (we'll talk about that later though...)
CHRISTmas music
what's making YOUR heart happy?!
**ps, today is 28 weeks! holy cannoli! the fruit chart is WAY off lately... today it tells me that baby boy bump is about 2.9 lbs, and 17 inches long... the size of a small cabbage.... umm what?! have YOU ever seen a SEVENTEEN inch small cabbage??? i haven't. so fruit/veggie pictures will resume when they get their comparisons together, sheesh. i will say though, i'm very excited because we now measure head to toe which is new & we are third trimester sailing! can't wait to meet our boy! happy weekend!**

sneak peek.

“humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you. cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”
1 peter 5:6-7
November2012HEADER copyIMG_2855editedIMG_2850editedIMG_2858edited
hi friends!
i am SO super excited… i shot pictures for the new project love line yesterday & it seriously brought it to life for me! little sister was up for some modeling, and BOY was she stunning! she looked beautiful in all of the clothes & as usual we had a lot of fun & laughs while shooting. i can’t wait for you to see the new designs & other goodies we've got for you! i’m playing with the website now to see what kind of ‘custom orders’ i could get going for y’all! that could be fun… :) we will see! for now, here is a little sneak peek! get over to the website & order anything from past collections that you might have been eyeing, because once the new line is up, a lot of things won’t be available anymore! thank you LORD for inspiration & creativity.
happy thursday!

new project love!

so i printed the new project love line this weekend.
i know, i know, it's been forever & a day since i put out new items. to be honest though, we have had SO SO much go on in our lives this past year & i just wasn't feeling inspired as far as new designs went. i didn't want to just put something out & it not be authentic, so it felt right to just put it on the shelf for a little while until inspiration struck... and now it has, yay!
i am so excited to get new items in the shop, just in time for the holidays too! it should be released here in the next week or so! so, keep your eyes peeled!
happy tuesday!

oh hey there again monday.

you guys.
as of this past friday, i am officially 27 weeks pregnant.
how can we be to the third trimester?!
time slow down!!!
i love being pregnant, and i know there will never be another time like the first time. each special in their own way yes... but nothing like the FIRST time. i truly am trying to savor every minute of it. i dream of the day we meet our little man, but am also just trying to BE in each day, while he is still in my tum. he is getting so big & moving around all the time. it feels like an earthquake in my belly! i love every little kick, jab & smudge (this is what i call the movements that are slow & span about 3-4 inches and you can SEE THEM!). it makes me smile, thinking that it is him saying hi, special for me... kinda like, 'hey mommy, i already love you.' i already love him & so does husband. i CANNOT wait to see chris as a daddy. just yesterday, i got all teary just thinking about how much i love chris & how blessed i am to have him as a husband & person in my life. he is my best friend in this world, & this whole journey with him has been so beautiful & wonderful in every way. i am thankful.
anyways... not to sap out on a monday, but we can't wait to meet you baby, you're so special & perfect already!
hope your week is already started right!

12 ways to have a cozy, cozy holiday season

nestle by the fire
sip hot chocolate
wrap up in a soft blanket
cuddle with a loved one
enjoy a home cooked meal
watch your favorite holiday movie in your robe & fuzzy slippers
read a book in bed
light candles throughout the house
soak in a hot bubble bath
give lots of hugs
bake a delicious treat
sing christmas music LOUD

a baby shower!

over the weekend my little sister threw me a baby shower! && let me just say that it was all that i dreamed my baby shower would be and more!
completely beautiful && wonderful.
she made 100% sure that every little detail that my heart desired came to life && that i felt so special. on top of that, we felt SO SO loved by all of the guests that drove, flew, and took time out of their lives to celebrate our little blessing… including my mom who surprised me by driving in from arizona to be there! talk about the greatest gift ever :) God has blessed us with SO many amazing people in our lives && i am just so thankful for their generosity && love! i really don't even know how to describe how grateful i was && STILL am. thank you, thank you, thank you to EVERYONE who made this weekend truly great! i love you!
photo 1IMG_2665 IMG_2667 IMG_2668
*for more pics, see my facebook page*
also our menu & games!
comment with any requested recipes!
iced vanilla chai tea
sparkling red grape
sparkling blueberry
lemon water
mini tomato soups & grilled cheese
baked fruit (in a pumpkin)
brie bites
artichoke dip
buffalo chicken dip
popey's dip
chocolate pumpkin bread skewers
muddy buddys
s'mores cups
baby scattergories
wishes for baby
the dirty diaper game
chocolate dipped oreos from baby sal :)