is this real life?

i still sometimes most times can’t believe there is a tiny person in my belly. fully alive, with an entire life ahead of him, laid out by God.
not yet tampered with by ‘the world’. a little life who is changing mine & chris’ in a BIG way. i am experiencing one of God’s greatest miracles daily & i am so thankful that He chose me for this task. what a blessing it is, having part in MAKING ANOTHER PERSON, & what a privilege and blessing it is going to be being a mom. wow.
i am so happy & excited.
i love you little wiggle worm. i can’t wait to meet you & know what you look like, smell your sweet skin & give you little baby massages before bedtime. i also can’t wait to see your daddy & all of our family love on you… my fat little heart is going to leap out of my chest & melt into a puddle on the floor… love, mommy

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