Me & My Kiddos, at Home

Way back in December, which feels like ages ago (& somehow everyone's hair has grown a ton since)... my friend came over and so graciously gifted us with some photos of our morning. 
Just me and my kiddos, at home.
It was laid back and relaxed & we didn't even have to get dressed for it, which is such a win all on it's own, but also, I'm so happy she captured me WITH my kiddos. I hope they always remember how much they were loved by me & how often we danced in the kitchen & sat on the floor playing blocks or reading books. If they don't remember, at least now there's some proof! 
I'm so thankful to be a mom. After an incredibly hard season, which I hope to find words to share about at some point, this past year has been such a gift to me & I really am so thankful to feel like myself again & be living out the role of a mother the way I had envisioned and hoped to experience it. 
These kiddos are the sweetest, Brittany is a gem for capturing these, and I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are reading this from! XOXO