recipe for our happy lately...

3 stinky toddlers
1 niece fresh out of heaven
cookies every day
autumn around the corner
a house almost finished
yellow - everything
elevation worship on repeat
friends near and far
fresh flowers from abel
no travel for chris for an entire month
family pictures
mimi in town

a sneak peek at our family photos...

while we were in california we had our first ever family photos taken... we just got them in the mail and i am swooooooninggggg. i can't wait to share them here! but for today, here is a little sneak peek + a hello! to tell you that i'm being featured over on Postal Pix today! head over and see what i have to say! 
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warrior dash.

weekend before last, we headed up to copper for the warrior dash. chris and tylar did most (all) of the event + tay and i stayed with the babes... truth be told, it was a lot of unfortunate traffic there and back + a short time spent together at our actual destination, but nonetheless... time spent, and for that i'm always grateful! after the race, we sat and ate + enjoyed each other, and followed it up with chocolate from rocky mountain, so... win!
copper is beautiful, taylor is the best, my kiddos are stinking cute + i love chris.
the end.
^^^sweepy emeran
^^^these two
^^^always with the reflection family shot :)

lucy is turning one! a gift guide!

i truly can't believe lucy is going to be a year old in a few weeks, or that we are celebrating another first birthday for that matter! we are so excited to celebrate her life, she is such a joy + truly brings delight to our souls daily... we couldn't be without her! 
as we gear up for her birthday + also gift giving season right around the corner, we are seriously simplifying around here + being extra choosy with what we keep in our home. i think it's important to do so as our family grows, as we prepare to move into our new space, and just as a general rule!
for her birthday i put together a little gift guide as to what we think she would enjoy!

1. blocks on blocks on blocks... i mean can you have too many blocks? abel thinks not. tall towers to the sky! i LOVE these retro, wooden blocks (my sister has a set from Clothes Pony here in town.) these HERE are similar too, and we love that brand of toys!

2. these lovies are so soft + sweet. lucy "gives love" to all the the little stuffed animals she comes across, sooo precious. these can be found HERE, or at Clothes Pony here in town!

3. more blocks! these plush blocks HERE are awesome, we play with them at my sister's all the time! they're big + soft, and also have fun inserts that make noise. (PURCHASED)

4. oy... this one's tough for me. i'm not a huge fan of baby dolls, mostly because they're creepy. BUT, lucy is such a little mama. she loves + wants to hold and kiss and hug alllllll the babies. it's probably top 10 of the sweetest things i've witnessed. SO, for her i'll do it. arrow got THIS ONE a little while ago + it's eyes don't move + it's not going to "mama" in the night or anything, so i suppose it'll do. (PURCHASED)

5. new moccs. THESE oh joy!/FP ones are darn cute. size 3 

6. THIS quilt is SO gorgeous, it's been a long time wishlist item. if lucy is anything like her mama, it could be the first of manyyyy gorgeous quilts :)  (PURCHASED)

7. books, books, and more books! books are another thing i believe you can't have too many of EVER. i've seen book guides on a lot of blogs along the way + these are a few that look so fun to me! they can all be found on amazon!

thanks for stopping in! i hope you're having the loveliest of days :)

around these parts we've...

been practicing dress up for halloween! i mean, fall is right around the corner duh.

learning and playing with new puzzles.

more dress up, and the cutest duo.

and from iPhones perspective...

olive garden lunch, fun at home, and savoring every second that chris isn't traveling.

honey's house.

FP mocks, cousin love + enjoying what's left of summer!


lucy in the tub, amen.

sleeping diaper bums, bubbles, lucy's new favorite activity- climbing into things + dress up.

i'm the luckiest.

p l a y

of all the places we venture too... home is where it's at, on the floor to be more specific. just something about it. all the focus is there, not trying to multitask a bunch of different things, or split attention between children. whether we are napped, un-napped, dressed for the day or still in our pajamas, we are all there, enjoying time together, while everything else just falls away. it's sort of a wild time around here with our current ages, and so as silly as it sounds, i'm thankful for the floor. more-so, i'm thankful for the peace it brings when we gather there. amen.