easy like sunday morning...

i believe that the writer of that song either a) didn't have children to get ready + out the door for church or b) never dropped them at the childcare ...or maybe our kids are the only ones who don't want to be separated from us? but i really doubt that. 
if i didn't disclose that this is a serious struggle for us on church days, these happy little photos sure would paint us with the perfect sunday morning! the good news is, that we aren't perfect + the better news is that once they are in there, they usually enjoy themselves + are happy to see us an hour later when we pick them up. leaving them is SO hard for me, like want to cry or just turn around and go home + watch elevation online instead hard, but I read recently about loving God first. NOT NEW INFORMATION. but as a parent, i can tell you that it is easy to find yourself putting those little precious ones above ALL, without even meaning to. i'm in a time of life where i am trying to re prioritize the important aspects of my life, and so dropping them at childcare is one of my first shots at it. intentionally choosing God + choosing to let my spirit be fed for one hour (distraction free) + trust that my babies will be well cared for + loved while I do so. we started an awesome new series at church and it's made the struggle worth it, and i'm still praying that over time, they'll get used to going, or maybe even look forward to it? we will see! more on that later...
here are some photos from the happy parts of a recent sunday, i'd say we were 90/10 and i'll take it :)

...later that day
^^^this is what happens when you have two kids napping at once! a selfie + a little picket fence never hurt anybody!

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