productivity & the weekend.

so the past few days have been super productive.
so productive that i had to share!
today for example, I managed to go to yoga, go on a run, watch live! with kelly :) , edit music, teach class, get project love orders ready, and now winding down while watching some tori&dean! i've cleaned & spent time with chris. it's been nice to be busy with things but also be able to spend time doing the thing i enjoy doing! hooray!

also... over the weekend...
the sanfords were in town! SO great! it was a quick trip, however i was able to spend some one on one time with margaret, and also have a girls day with some of my faves! pedicures? my feet are thanking me :)

monday mix tape.

so it's monday... and a rainy one! i love rainy days :)
here's a little mixtape for you!
it's kiiiinda perfect for the current weather.
we are young. FUN.
strawberry swing. COLDPLAY.
turn up the music. CHRISBROWN
honey&thebee. OWLCITY.
paradise. COLDPLAY.
barton hollow. THECIVILWARS.
princess of china. COLDPLAY&RIHANNA.


a night at amelie's.
iphone captured the night, so forgive the photo quality & fall in LOVE with this precious, french, 24/7/365 bakery! i am smitten.
we spent the evening with our favorite romeos at this cute little spot, here in our city of charlotte. the line was wrapped throughout the store, but totally worth the wait. it's such a cozy atmosphere. i love everything french so obviously I am OBSESSED with the decor. so much of it is JUST like i picture my dream bakery to be. if you every visit charlotte... definitely stop in!

giveaway day!

Project Love is giving away a $75 shop credit over on CaseyLeigh's Blog! The only way to win is to head over there & read all about it! No really, go! Not only will you come across an AWESOME giveaway, but you will fall in looooove with Casey's heart & her blog!
Happy Tuesday!
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live intentionally && a WINNER announced!

“Don’t just drift through life. Live intentionally and on purpose.”

everyday can be a great day. choose your attitude. choose the people you surround yourself with. decide how you will spend your time. love. dream. have hope. do what moves you. pray. inspire others. be the person you want to meet. laugh.
live out loud.
sweater: roxy--pacsun
layer tank dress: platos closet (kohls)
jeans: target
boots: forever 21

Also! GOOD NEWS! I have randomly selected the winner for this past weeks giveaway! Congratulations Lola P! You just won yourself a cuuuuuute headband! EMAIL ME so that 'Just Lovely Things' can send you your headband :)
happy weekend!

homemade strawberry cupcakes!

3rd time is the charm.
as mentioned in a previous post, it is my goal to do some more "from scratch" yummies this year! this was my first time making cupcakes not from a box! the first two trys were a bust... maybe the recipes i used? however, this third try.... deeeeeee-lish. so long betty crocker...
the pictures are a mix from this entire strawberry cupcake experience!

 frosting! recipe found HERE.
 cuppys; recipe HERE.

happy valentines day.

our valentines day was DELIGHTFUL!
seriously, my favorite valentines day ever.
first of all... i'm married to the best valentine in the world, husband :)
he made our night so so special. he tricked me into thinking that he didn't do anything at all. he just kept apologizing and saying that he couldn't believe he had put it off and not thought of anything to do... ha! well... i came home & what did i find? the coziest of blanket forts EVER... something i had been wanting to do for a loooong time :) complete with twilight, pizza, champagne, flowers, a teddy bear, a card & of course cupcakes... SHAPED into a HEART ladies & gentlemen!! YES, he did it all himself :) he is the best man ever. we love eachother everyday & it is our priority to make eachother feel loved, special, and appreciated... doesn't make Valentines any less fun!

i hope YOUR valentines day was wonderful as well!
happy valentines day! love, harlow