my happy place.

i am SO SO happy to report that i am officially back to regularly scheduled HOT YOGA programming! A few years ago, I joined (MY FAVORITE) yoga studio, CorePower Yoga at Garden of the Gods, back home in Colorado. To put it lightly, it very quickly became my happy place. every day, two-a-days, if there was a hot yoga class, i was there! Then... we moved, and we moved again, and again... and I never found a studio I loved as much as CPY, and then I got so out of my schedule that my practice became sparatic. NOT HAPPY.

however... i have recently found a studio that isn't too far of a drive, has great teachers, and is actually HOT.. a piping hot 104 degrees :) I'm signed up for auto draft, have a new mat on the way, and I am beyond thrilled.

Hot Yoga is amazing in SO many ways! Not only do I love the physical practice & the fitness benefits, but it is also SO good for your mind & heart. To start each day with positivity & encouragement is wonderful. surprisingly, i am loving getting an early start on the day... i know, who am i?? but it is so nice to have done something for myself & taken time to just BE in my happy place before the craziness of the day begins!

dear hot yoga,
i've missed you. you are my happy place & i love you.
love, me

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