homemade strawberry cupcakes!

3rd time is the charm.
as mentioned in a previous post, it is my goal to do some more "from scratch" yummies this year! this was my first time making cupcakes not from a box! the first two trys were a bust... maybe the recipes i used? however, this third try.... deeeeeee-lish. so long betty crocker...
the pictures are a mix from this entire strawberry cupcake experience!

 frosting! recipe found HERE.
 cuppys; recipe HERE.


margaret said...

yay!!! good job hill!! UH OH--I just saw 500 cupcakes, was one of the first recipes from there?! I've made 4-5 recipes from that book and every one of them was a bust!! :(

Hailey said...

wow! looks and sounds amazing!

kaila mo said...

umm okay YUM. these looks amazing, my mouth is watering, i want to make these!! and you decorated them so cute!!! and these pictures are all wonderful!!! thanks for sharing, i'm definitely going to have to try these out!