dr. marten

boy oh boy!
i have not worn, nor had the desire to wear a pair of Doc Martens since middle school! They were ALL the rage back then, however, didn't make the cut into my future life :)
until now....
i came across the first photo below on pinterest and was like "WHAAAAA?! must have these!" then I found out they were from the 90s & discontinued... boo.
BUT they've brought them back!
eeeeeeeeeeee!! They've got all sorts of designs & colors now! The bottom pair with the ribbon lace & the high tops that fold over are a MUST HAVE! i have not wanted a pair of shoes this much in a looooooong time! *cough cough* fam... birthday around the corner? size 8.5 :)
LOVE. check 'em ouuuuuttttt!
dear shoes above this line,
i looooove you :) you would go perfect with my wardrobe during every season!
love, hillary

happy wednesday!
**photos from pinterest & Dr. Marten Website**


Audrey Pound said...

yes, please! saw these at Dillards...they are adorable!

JessAddington said...

aahhhh i love them! i remember my first pair of dr. martens in middle school, i was so excited! kinda neat that the same excitement can be channeled as an adult!

happy early birthday btw!

The French Bird said...

OOOOOh lala!! My birthday was last month... but.. maybe a Valentine's little gift?? ;) Love your blog, lady!!!


Pame @ The French Bird

Anonymous said...

I've never been a Doc kind of girl either, but when I see these, and how other girls pull them off I'm soo jealous and dying to get myself a pair!

My bdays around the corner too..hubs you reading this? ;)

Hope you get ones for yourself soon!

Much love,

Simone said...

love these! just wish i were brave enough to pull them off!

Life on Sugar Hill said...

thank you friends! xoxox