dr. marten

boy oh boy!
i have not worn, nor had the desire to wear a pair of Doc Martens since middle school! They were ALL the rage back then, however, didn't make the cut into my future life :)
until now....
i came across the first photo below on pinterest and was like "WHAAAAA?! must have these!" then I found out they were from the 90s & discontinued... boo.
BUT they've brought them back!
eeeeeeeeeeee!! They've got all sorts of designs & colors now! The bottom pair with the ribbon lace & the high tops that fold over are a MUST HAVE! i have not wanted a pair of shoes this much in a looooooong time! *cough cough* fam... birthday around the corner? size 8.5 :)
LOVE. check 'em ouuuuuttttt!
dear shoes above this line,
i looooove you :) you would go perfect with my wardrobe during every season!
love, hillary

happy wednesday!
**photos from pinterest & Dr. Marten Website**

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