f a r e w e l l O C T O B E R

can it really be end of october?!
nooooo! october is one of my very favorite months everrrrr. it's so beautiful + the earth screams with color. pumpkins are heart happy + my kids and husband in a pumpkin patch are so darn swoon worthy. yellow, orange, red...  i love you october.
next reason for loving october + the only thing that keeps me from crying real tears when it ends? christmas. i know, i know, thanksgiving and what not, and i'm all about the continued pumpkin, crunchy leaves, sweater weather, and feast... but at our house the christmas music officially starts in november (when i haven't already started playing it in october ;)) and that is pure joy! i hope you enjoy your last few days of this glorious month as much as we intend to! + now for a few photos...

pumpkin patchin'

happy fall y'all! have i not said that yet?! this past weekend was the first time we have really given fall our full attention, and i'm so glad we did. I've since been thinking of halloween costumes non stop, baked TWO rounds of pumpkin bread, eaten pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin... that, and broken out the christmas jams only a handful of times(embarrassed monkey emoji). this time of year is so wonderful, and as i've said before, having kiddos makes anything wonderful feel that much more special. 
this year, we finally checked out the pumpkin patch at bartel farms! i've seen these cute little wooden pumpkin signs around our area for two years now, and was happy to finally see what they were all about! what a cute place; pumpkins, farm animals, and the sunflowers! gah-lee, they were so beautiful! abel loved running through all of the lanes, must be even more magical when they are taller than you! we got kettle corn + took a million photos, auntie tay + baby emeryn joined us, and we felt free of stress or worry or anything in-between. i love fall, i love my family, and i am forever thankful for this wonderful life.

^^^the love in this simple little photo :)

Jessup Farm!

We recently ventured out to Jessup Farm Artisan Village, it's a new + super cute little spot here in town.  We tried chai at their coffee shop, sampled breads at the bakery going in + let the kids run free. We love these little dates. Our town has so much to offer, especially if you're like us + celebrate all the little outings just as much as the big ones! 
^^^foam art for the win
^^^i love when the men in my family hang together, there's just something about it.
^^^and of course, the "there are 4 of us + someone along with us to take our picture, get in!" --- and they often turn out like this haha! classic.