sneak peek at fall 2011.

just a little sneak peek of what COULDbe a Project Love fall2011 design.

LORD, be in every aspect of this new line. BE the design process, and let everything be glorifying to You. YOU are great, & it is ALL for You. Rid me of me. Let me be filled with You & let each design speak Your truth and spread Your love. Let Project Love impact the lives of others in a positive way & let all the glory be Yours. I love You. Thank You for loving me. Amen.


september first is only a few days away! and there are so many reasons to be excited about september :)
to name a few...

summer is over! praise the LORD! don't get me wrong, i enjoy laying poolside, longer days, and a tan... but Fall? yes please.

the weather SHOULD start cooling off, which means snuggling. my favorite thing. and love is in the airrrrr.

wardrobe is gearing up to change. i know i'm not the only one excited for this change either. just yesterday morning at church, on the way in, i noticed differences in attire. jeans, hats, cardigans... it was AWESOME. un-necessary seeing as it was 85 degrees, but AWESOME anyhow. it was a sure sign that Fall is around the corner, and people are getting in the mindset :)
the LEAVES!!! this weekend, i had the pleasure of driving 2 hours to Mt. Airy to pick up Chris's car, (Praise God for providing for us!) and on the drive back I noticed hints of yellow & red in the leaves.... say whaaaaa?! :)))))))) <----- this was me.
TVshows!!! I mentioned this in an earlier post as I was gearing up for Fall back in July.. but now it's finally here! I am seeing ads for my favorite TV shows, starting in Septemberrrr!! weeeee! THIS my friends, is music to my ears. I have strangely been missing blue scrubs and McDreamy & all of the drama that comes along with him.
I'm so excited to announce that my fellow pinners are catching up too! I am now officially NOT the only person pinning Fall Decor, Fall Food, Halloween Ideas, & Fashion for bundling up! score.
And you heard it correctly.... HALLOWEEN ideas. eeeeek! The cards are already out at the store, and they are putting out fall & halloween decor at Walmart(Elle forgive me:) Hobby Lobby, The Grocery Store, etc. In September, it's not crazy to talk about Halloween because it's only a month away... kind of. If any of you are new to the blog... it's important for you to know that I love Halloween. Not really the scary-ness of it all, more just kiddie halloween.... aka: dressing up, hocus pocus, a reason for a party, and CANDYYYY :))
... but i'll try not to jump ahead, this IS September we are talking about here :)
i have so many loved ones with birthdays in september too! my sister in law corrina, my elle, my sister kala, & my cousin's wife... so we'll just call her my cousin, joanna.

the release of Project Love Fall 2011 Collection.

am i getting carried away? i think not. I used to think of September as kind of a blah month. no holidays, back to school, didn't really even like the name... but now i think of it as the transitional month into my favorite season :) weee! i'm sure after i post this, i will think of a million other reasons i am excited about the coming month, but this is what i've got for now! enjoy the last few days of august, it will be a-whole-nother year until you see them again... and praise the LORD for a new month! love to all!

perfectly put.

I LOVE quotes & LOVE being given new perspective. love language... words of affirmation, who knew :) this one that i found below, applies so perfectly right now, and was SO encouraging. I hope you are encouraged by it as well.
Over the past few years i have struggled with the thought of lost time, and too late. Excuse after excuse & fear and more fear. NOT ideal. Don't get me wrong, I have been loving life all at the same time, but in one specific area, one that is SO important to my heart, these thoughts have not changed & were really discouraging. Over the past few weeks though, I felt my heart changing. I still had the same desires as before, but I was starting to feel free of the negative energy that was associated. Fear is not of the LORD. Why have I been afraid? Get out of your head!
I met a new friend that God used, BIG TIME, to affirm even more the desires of my heart. Since then, after much prayer, God has given me affirmations here and there that have only inspired me more & shown me that this IS of the LORD. Do I still have fear? Yes. I am human. But another GREAT quote I found was this:

"To me, Fearless is not the absense of fear. It's not being completely unafraid. To me, Fearless is having fears. Fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death." — Taylor Swift

I believe this to be truer than true, and was EXACTLY how my new friend was living. Why would I not apply it to myself as well? Hopefully this all makes sense, as I am not revealing too much right now. In time. I feel excited & encouraged. Inspired & faithful. The LORD is good. I trust in HIM to make my paths clear & am thankful that He will love me along the way, every time I stumble & try retreating to the comfort zone of fear & excuses. Isn't He just the best ever :)


so we moved...

that's right. we moved :) not far this time though! only to the next state over... ha! and by that i mean, 20 minutes up the road, right on the other side of the border, putting us now in South Carolina. We are renting an adorable house that our sweet friends the Sanfords lived in before they moved to NY! We are still getting settled, but we finally got internet today so I wanted to give y'all an update! below are a few pics from the past week, through iphone of course. love to all! glad to be back on the web :)

packed up my favorite part of our Poppy Hills apartment.
 moved into our precious new home.
 PLove has officially graduated from our kitchen table to it's own room!
 already watched twilight :)
 my favorite place in the house, our screened in porch. we have already spent most of our time here.
 biggest accomplishment.... our closet.
 moving food!!
 all of our pets have been extremely relaxed throughout the move...
 Visited Husband's old stomping grounds, oh the nostalgia...
 Halloween Cards are OUT!!!! ahhhhh!!!!
The last two pictures bring SO much excitement to me! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Already counting down & thinking of our costumessss!!!! :))

Sal Family Comes to Visit.

This weekend, Chris' beautiful mom and grandma came to visit us! We had a wonderful time with them! We were in Charleston... only one of my favorite places ever AND we even went on a carriage tour of the city! We watched the last Eagles game of the season, ate... ALOT, showed them our new house, took them uptown where we saw Lenny Kravitz... no biggie, and just enjoyed time spent together. Truly a blessing having them here! Excuse the lack of photos! We were having so much fun, we forgot to take alot hehe :)

these... are my weakness, and were my roadtrip snack down to Charleston.
Our Hotel View of the Ashley River!
breakfast at TOAST.
Last Eagles Game of 2011
got chris to wear my nerd glasses, and he melted my heart in them. also... met this precious pup named pork chop, love him.
 Charleston Tour!
 Our beautiful new home! Can't wait to move in!
 Epicentre. Vida.
 Haircuts for Harlow. She looks adorableeee!!
Such a wonderful weekend :) Thank you Lord!