rachel visits & girls night.

SO SO SO thrilled that Rachel was here for an entire week. she is such a joy. we had the greatest time together & i miss her already!!!! so many quotes from our visit stored in my mind, and i'm glad she was here for a girls night with my bests as well. blessed beyond anything to know her sweet spirit. i can't wait to see her next!! the highlights...

HUGE storm welcomed her to Charlotte.
took her to see our new house!
took her to our wonderful church, elevation. LOVED sharing it with her!
homemade, strawberry stuffed french toast, yummm.
baked pinterest desserts.
girls niiiiight.
dance party in the kitchen.... that's usually where they happen :)
complete with the dougie... Harlow Edition.

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margaret said...

Catching up on your blog after nearly a month was so good for my heart!!! Now I miss you more than ever...I love you so much and miss the heck out of you. <3<3<3 ps the pictures of you on the porch make me giddy with excitement for you!! wwweeeee!