a house full of love.

as i mentioned earlier in the week, family came to town!!! weeee! it was a quick visit but SO SO great to have them here! they were able to meet all of our friends for game night & get a peek into our life here in charlotte. my brothers are so precious to me. the time spent with them was so special, they are growing up WAY too fast, ah! time slow down. and there is no one like your mom or sister, enough said. we had a WONDERFUL visit :)) i wish wish wish husband was in more of our pictures! he WAS here, just working 12 hour days in this insane heat, spreading the love of Jesus to all the little soccer campers, precious man of mine. here's a recap :)
 family meets our charlotte family. played a meaaaan game of GEORGE.
 was a good hostess & made them a de-lish breakfast. yumm.
 family slumber party. 8 peeps, 1 bedroom apt... i like it.
 took them to see our new house!
goodbyes are the worrrrrst.


Anonymous said...

i know i left early...but SUPER sad I wasnt in that beautiful group pic

Addy said...

Looks like you had such a great time! Y'all look fabulous!
P.S. How tall is Tristan?! Holy cow!!