Isla's 2nd Birthday Breakfast!

Isla's "birpay" breakfast was sweet & simple.
Doing something special for our kids on their birthday morning is always always my very favorite part of their birthday celebration as a whole. The early part of the day is the sweetest at our house, and having their little faces light up when they wake to balloons or flowers or whatever it is, is the cherry on top. I just love making them feel special & celebrated, and i hope they remember it as they grow. 
Can't believe our girl is two. My very favorite two year old in the world.

Two Years of Sweet Isla Jane

I really cannot believe Isla has been ours for two years. My third, my BABY. The last two years have personally been some of my most emotionally challenging thus far, and Isla was my sweetest sunshine throughout. Something about her special soul is healing & comforting, and as strange as it may sound, even at a few months old it was like she already possessed the gift of empathy. 
She is bright & beautiful, and special in a million ways... and I couldn't string enough words together to truly express just how much we love her. Happy Birthday Isla Jane! We love you forever!
Some of my favorite pics from her second year of life below, and a link to last year's birthday post HERE, and when she was born HERE!