isla jane, one year.

Isla jane, my sweet third child of dreams is one. 
What the actual hey?! 
Abel cried real tears going to bed tonight, saying how he didn't want her to turn one, he wanted her to be his baby forever +  that she's cuter when she's tiny... as if tomorrow she will wake + be an entirely different baby. She was hugging him, consoling him while his sweet tears fell. It was the most heartbreakingly sweet moment, and I hope I never forget it. These are the moments I couldn't have dreamed up if I'd tried. I saw Chris + I... probably some kids when we were "like 30"  ...I had no idea how full my future life was... the love my heart would hold, the feeling of my own newborn's smallness in my arms, the grubby toddler hands on my face, the snuggles + giggles + early morning smiles, the love they have for Chris or the way they care for each other... moments like these. I'm so thankful that God is bigger than what I can see. 
Thank you Jesus for Isla, and for the two before her.
I've never known a better third baby than her. She's happy + silly + independent + willful. She has always had her own voice, has the sweetest spirit, loves her family, + is breezing by all the milestones early like the rest of 'em. She nods, and waves her hands to say no, stands on the coffee table like it ain't no thang + knowwwws she shouldn't. We swear she is saying iiiiislaaaa, + mimics me calling aaaabel too. Her favorite thing to do currently, is pick up the dogs. Harlow is her favorite because she is more her size, but she will give Charlie a try too. She also kisses them + shares her food... and theirs.

Isla Jane, Bitty J, Janebug + Chris's favorite (to which I always give a HUGE eye roll) Ijjy Azalea...
Forever the third child of my dreams, Isla. I love you more than you know. Thank you for your spirit + all that you are. You're my angel. I love you, Happy Birthday!

Photos from the hospital, when she was born HERE, and some of my favorite photos from the year below!