a home tour: before & after

a HUGE thanks to the best mom ever who took time out of her insanely hectic & busy schedule (you know, the one that keeps 5 kids & a husband's world turning, runs two successful businesses, is constantly creating gorgeous works of art to sell in her own shop... in her shops, all at the same time maintaining sanity & wonderful life full of the good stuff.) that one. thanks to her making time to spend with me re-finishing my furniture so that our home decor feels complete! i am so so happy about this! look at what we did!
project one:
$7 home depot crates + $8 minwax: dark walnut stain from home depot
... diy entertainment shelves
i absolutely LOVE how they turned out! you can polycrylic these if you like a more finished look, but i liked them looking more natural in our house!
this is an OUTSIDE project. seriously. you will fry your brain if you try using the stain indoors.
IMG_7205project two:
our coffee table + the same $8 minwax: dark walnut stain from home depot
...new love for our coffee table!
i appreciate natural wood as much as the next person, but for my personal style in our home, the walnut stain is more up my alley. it's beautiful & really warms up the room!
lastly, just some finishing touches! remember this project…? woo-hoo! it now finally has the wash over it! thanks mom!
& this one…? our wall of insta is complete! a square seemed fitting!
you all have a great weekend! happy friday!

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happy 5 months abel maddox!

5 months?!
can you just stay in this stage forever? you currently...

+are so cute that i can't stand it
+have two tiny teeth that have just broken through the surface.. OMG
+smile & laugh 98%  of the time... don't worry, the other 2% is made up of sleep ;)
(yes that's right, 2%... you're not keen on naps)
+think it's super funny when i drink water
+are learning to sit up! & you're almost sitting on your own!
+have the fuzziest little head. wouldn't quite consider it hair yet... but we're getting there, & fuzz is in these days anyhow...
+love to bounce
+grab any & everything you can... very handsy i tell ya. everything that you grab then goes straight to your perfect little mouth (one of my few contributions to your appearance, & i am OWNING it)
+love being outside
+looooove strawberries & they definitely love you back
+are still the joy in my days & warmth in my heart

i love you my little baby. thanks for the best 5 months in this wonderful life so far.

here & there

i bring to you...
the cutest building in old town
the best little behind you've ever seen
a cuddle bug
new happy in our home
baby feet.. again
my whole life
mug love
a grammy & her favorite... she loves him more than me i think
lots of lovely books & a sleeping baby
new material
the most gorgeous sunset i've ever witnessed

from that time we went to the taste of fort collins & ate way too much food

this is an event i will probably go to every year. so much food! this has been our first year living here in fort collins & we are really trying our best to experience many of the fun things this city has to offer! the taste of fort collins was definitely a win for me. i love food, i love live music, i love hanging with cool peeps. this was a combo platter of all three & more. i tried things that normally wouldn’t sound appealing… umm pigs in a pillow (bacon donut holes), chocolate dipped bacon (what is bacon not good with? or chocolate for that matter?!) i ate entirely too much, and had so much fun, i woke up sunday morning with a pair of aching feet & a summer cold… worth it though, totally worth it.
go if you have the chance.
the end.