from that time we went to the taste of fort collins & ate way too much food

this is an event i will probably go to every year. so much food! this has been our first year living here in fort collins & we are really trying our best to experience many of the fun things this city has to offer! the taste of fort collins was definitely a win for me. i love food, i love live music, i love hanging with cool peeps. this was a combo platter of all three & more. i tried things that normally wouldn’t sound appealing… umm pigs in a pillow (bacon donut holes), chocolate dipped bacon (what is bacon not good with? or chocolate for that matter?!) i ate entirely too much, and had so much fun, i woke up sunday morning with a pair of aching feet & a summer cold… worth it though, totally worth it.
go if you have the chance.
the end.

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