happy 5 months abel maddox!

5 months?!
can you just stay in this stage forever? you currently...

+are so cute that i can't stand it
+have two tiny teeth that have just broken through the surface.. OMG
+smile & laugh 98%  of the time... don't worry, the other 2% is made up of sleep ;)
(yes that's right, 2%... you're not keen on naps)
+think it's super funny when i drink water
+are learning to sit up! & you're almost sitting on your own!
+have the fuzziest little head. wouldn't quite consider it hair yet... but we're getting there, & fuzz is in these days anyhow...
+love to bounce
+grab any & everything you can... very handsy i tell ya. everything that you grab then goes straight to your perfect little mouth (one of my few contributions to your appearance, & i am OWNING it)
+love being outside
+looooove strawberries & they definitely love you back
+are still the joy in my days & warmth in my heart

i love you my little baby. thanks for the best 5 months in this wonderful life so far.

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