a day in the sun… kinda

it's summertime. we sort of skipped over the whole idea of spring & went straight to high temps & lots of sunscreen. i'm alright with that. there's lots of fun to be had in the summer & it puts us that much closer to fall, which is the start of the best time of year if you ask me.
we spent the day outside recently & i had every intention of lounging in the sun & getting my tan on, but when this guy wants to be held & he needs to be in the shade... well you know how that goes.
such a cutie.
i'd choose pasty skin a million times over if it means spending precious moments with him in my lap. & it seems that's exactly what's in store this summer. hooray for life & hooray for this little joy that's been added to mine! you're the best abel. i'm glad you got my skin too... you make ultra white look dang good.

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