not just because it's named after mcdreamy...

okay, so it's not really named after mcdreamy.
dempsey's is my absolute favorite breakfast place in all of fort collins... & i've had a lot of breakfast. i've tried branching out & going to different restaurants, but have yet to leave as satisfied as i do when leaving this little gem. pumpkin pecan waffle? yes PLEASE. or if your feeling something savory.... biscuits & gravy. i'm getting hungry for their butter with a side of hashbrowns as i write this. it's so delicious, so filling, & so underrated if you ask me. THIS place should have a line around the block every. day. of the. week! anyhow... rachel was in town, we love her, so it made it THAT much better. stop in if you're ever in the area! & happy friday to you!

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