well hello.

oh hello there june (4th)! crazy how fast you sped into town!
june is a happy month. there's just something about it.
it officially means that snow is over (in colorado) until fall, the flowers are bright & beautiful, there are quite a few special birthdays in my life & june 1st is baby day! you know, baby day... that special day that changed your life forever? the day that a little test you took said PREGNANT, and all of your dreams changed. yea, that day. it's a great one.
so we love june.
summer is officially here!
popsicles & picnics. green grass & hot sun. freckled skin (for me) & tans (for others.. husband mostly // we are different races in the summer). barbeques & lake days. air conditioning & drive-in movies. tank tops & bare feet. long walks & late nights. you know... the good stuff.
i love it when the seasons change. atleast for a little while... savoring the sweetness of summer while it lasts & excited because it's abel's first! fall will be here before we know it & we'll be back to cooler days & cozy-ing up! until then...

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