abel's third birthday day!

this is three ladies + gentlemen!
we had a happy morning at home, complete with waffles, balloons, and party hats (per his request)! he thanked me no less than 8 times for his "party"... i mean, balloons and breakfast + he's calling it a party... i love him so! he got calls from all of his favorite people, and even got video messages + was able to "face" some of his very favorites. it was sweet to feel how loved he is by many, and I'm again reminded how lucky i am to call these two kiddos mine... and now a few photos from the day!
tiny kitchen help is the cutest^^^
later, we took abel bowling for the first time! he had fun, and it was so cute watching him carry and push that huge ball down the lane. oh! and his cake was a hit, both with him + with others.
^^^the face with the eagle is priceless, even in the second photo- still not so sure
what a happy day!

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