when abby came to visit!

abby andrews, huzzah!
one of my very favorite friends, of all time people... came to visit us a couple weeks ago, and it was both wonderful and much needed! lifelong friendships are seriously a dime a dozen, but charlotte thankfully, blessed me with a whole handful of them, and abby is one of those few. days, months, doesn't matter the length of time that's passed, we have a pick up where you left off friendship + it's so special to me. we showed her around fort collins some, and stayed home some just doing life together. she loved on my kiddos, we stayed up late talking about any and everything, and my soul was seriously refreshed... we also stayed up late getting her hooked on suits, but that's another story for another day ;)
abel of course fell in love, she's blonde and beautiful, and i know that's his type and all, but really who wouldn't... he cried real tears when she left and has talked about her at least once a day since... "abby is my friend." --- heart be still, yes she is buddy.

^^^took her to the vintage whites market, where i wanted to buy a million things, and we ate edamame + dumplings to our hearts content
^^^sweetest scene
^^^she joined me on a photo session + snapped this sweet photo of me. we made and ate an entire batch of muddy buddies (or puppy chow if you ask her)... but i mean are we even in that photo anyway? :) we ate lunch in the car (in my yard) while the littles napped, and were questioned by police for it-- again, another story for another day :)
^^^we showed her around town + bought 18 (okay 8) mary's mountain cookies, because the buy 6 get 2 free deal is a really hard one to pass up.
^^^we had abel take our pictures the day she left + these are my favorites
^^^and my sunsets from my living room/deck helped me talk her into visiting again sooner than she planned, score. ;) i love you abby! thanks for spending time with us! xoxo

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