happy birthday abel love

i write this on the eve of your birthday, and when i wake up you'll be three.
...and it really feels that way ya know? that fast. like, I woke up and it's three years later. 3 years? no way. where in the world has three years gone, and how have you gotten so big and brilliant? you know your full name, and you love your little sister. you say things like "absolutely" and "i need my privacy", you encourage lucy with "good job, baby girl", and tell me when you don't need a bath because you "don't have toddler stink."
abel, there aren't even words to express our love for you. our firstborn, our son... you're everything and more. i've always loved the perfect mix of sweet & gentle, and wild boy that you are. your snuggles are the very sweetest, and when we pick you up from leaving you anywhere (even for 5 minutes) you immediately tell me, in your most endearing voice, "i missed you mommy." you never turn down a kiss or a hug & are one of the kindest and caring three year olds i've encountered. this all said, you're still out to give me gray hair early with every couch plummet, furniture scaling, and tooth cracking (no really... not one time, but TWICE in the time between your last birthday & now you've broken your front teeth... oy). you're wild and wonderful, and my prayer is that you always are. stay adventurous like daddy & continue aging me with your courageous & curious spirit, and stay sweet too. the best men in the world have a gentleness to them, and no matter the age, have never been embarrassed to hug + kiss their mamas ;)

tomorrow you'll wake to balloons & waffles, and you've requested an m&m cake, and like i am now, i'll cry a little because i just can't believe we are here again... celebrating another year gone by, another birthday with you! how incredible. after those real ugly cry few glistening tears, i'll spend the day (and every day) celebrating your most precious life, and all of the joy it has brought to ours and the people around you, every single day since you took your first breath and i held you in my arms. i love you abel... you're the very sweetest cake of life. praise God for you.
...and for a couple of my favorite photos from the year... but honestly, as i've said before... every photo has been my favorite photo at one point or another... so back scroll the pages of this blog to see some of them, a little trip down memory lane never hurt anybody :) 
**abel's 2nd birthday note & his first!

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