Today was sunny + the kids and i had such a good day. It was nice enough to go outside in our coats and swing for a while, and so naturally I'm like, "Christmas is over, and today was sunny, spring is around the corner!" - It's not, but it'll be here before we know it, and until then, I'll just look through these photos + remember that warm maui air, the hot sand under our feet, the bluest skies out there + how different isla jane already looks to me. enjoy!

m a u i   p a r t   o n e  -   HERE



Hello + Happy Sunshine on Tuesday!
So, i've sifted and sifted through our photos from Hawaii, and still mostly have a billion photos that i'll share here because, me + narrowing = not a thing. 
We had such a great time on our trip, and there really is no place as beautiful as Maui in my opinion. Our kids were in a perfectly sweet window of being old enough to listen and enjoy + and young enough to not be mobile + just hang, making our time more relaxing than it could have been in other seasons. We spent most of our trip right there on that gorgeous beach + having Chris around that much was my very favorite part of it all, he is my home. 
I'll share more over the next week or so, because 85,786 photos was too many for a single post, and why wouldn't we want to drag it out over a week instead?! Long live Maui, sandy babes on the beach + family forever.
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+ two videos from our last trip on my FILMS page!
^^^i love this capture because it totally encompasses the season for me. Chris Dad-ing like a true champ with the older kids + me with the littlest being mostly a spectator while she's too small for some of the fun. That comes with mixed feelings sometimes, but this shot is beautiful to me + i'm thankful for it, and for changing seasons.
(**i should also note here that Chris is very good about switching roles with me, and making sure I get to go and adventure too while he is with the tiny, or all three of our kiddos.)


three cheers for half a year with isla jane!

6 months never looked so good on you bitsy!
the face, the lamb hat, the snow... she's sunshine in every square inch + i'm the luckiest to call her my sweetest third child. she sits, she plays, she chats, she eats, she loves yogurt bites + me the very most, and seems to finally be settling back into good sleep since our maui trip + sickness. praise Jesus for isla jane, here's to the next 6 months + beyond.


a love letter + a GIVEAWAY, with Freshly Picked!

Dear Freshly Picked Moccasins, we love you. 
You're cute, comfy, well made, and come in a plethora of designs. Most of all, you make our lives easier. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a firm believer in good things taking time + effort + all of that... but when it comes to three kiddos + getting out the door, give me easy. Thank you for being the easiest shoe to put on, and the least likely to fall off of my infant. And thank you for helping develop two self sufficient children in the putting on our own shoes department, huzzah. You can't be beat as far as moccasins go + are a true staple at our house. We are so happy you now offer hard soles, so our love story doesn't have to end with age or wild four year old boy activity. Keep doing your thing FP, we love you!
Friends! Freshly Picked was kind enough to give away a pair of moccs to one of our readers! If our love letter wasn't enough, read my review HERE for more reasons you'd want to be our winner! They truly are some of our very favorite shoes + one of our favorite products to stand beside. Head over to my Instagram for more details on how to participate! @mrshillarysal 
Happy Winning!


things to remember...

 A B E L

i hope i never forget...

the way you sort things + line things up + organize things just so... you've always done this.

Teaching you to play go fish.

When you asked me if you'd be a daddy when you grew up + said you wanted to marry me.

when you asked me where dad was + i told you Las Vegas, and you responded with, "is he lost? is it a lost place?"

the little boy that is coming out in you... your new language where you really just speak/rap gibberish + experiment with consonants.

when you told me the other night while brushing your teeth, in a suddenly concerned tone, "mommy i can't say shit" --i held back laughter... ummm yes abel that's right, you can't.

Spoiling dinner by eating the "cotton candy" clouds in the sunset, on the porch with you and Lucy + Isla.

the way you call dessert "uh-zert" + typically ask for it after every meal.

how you love people + how your sweet + naive, childlike spirit loves and accepts even the ones who i struggle to, no questions asked

speaking of questions, it's more like 85 billion questions asked, always... about everything... most times twice.

you're so special abel. you'll be 4 soon + i can't believe you've been ours so long. you're the best helper, best little companion, you take care of your sisters, still give the best morning hugs + are all around just my favorite little boy in the history of little boys. i'm so proud of you.

L U C Y 

i hope i never forget... the way you say, "are you kidding me?" how you always ask for hot chocolate because abel is having some, but how you don't really like hot chocolate- you like chocolate milk, and basically wait until your hot chocolate is cold to drink it. I love when you say you wanna be "nex by ____ (insert you, daddy, Abel or babe.)" i hope i never forget your voice. FOREVER. serious hopes for a never changing voice from you my girl! That you ARE the party. Your hysterical + wild + fun nature. Your ummms, your dance class tights, the way you bring your hands to cover your bursting smile when something surprises you or makes you laugh a lot. Your hand gestures in general  + the way you tell stories. The way you always want to do what Abel is doing, and how sweet + loving you are with "babe" -Isla. I'm thankful for how you love me + still need me so much, how you always want me to hold you + snuggle you... I have to remind myself sometimes of how special this is, because in the moment it can feel like I don't have enough hands + be overwhelming because I'm feeding isla or catering to needs of your siblings, but it's so special + I know one day you won't. You're more beautiful than ever + i'm so lucky to be your mom. 

i hope i never forget...
Your warm, soft cheeks after you nurse, your gruff little voice, the buried face in my shoulder when you flirt with daddy, the tummy that just won't quit + your precious hands(I've swooned over them since the day you were born). The way you looove the bath, crunchy paper + how I love the sweet blonde fuzz that adorns your perfectly shaped head. I hope I never forget the saving grace you've been, nearly every day of your life. Sometimes 3 kids feels like 30 kids + when the mood is just right (& by that I absolutely mean when it's not just right- like AT ALL) YOU my sweet one are my exhale. 

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