a few happy scenes from the last few weeks.

baby chunk don't lie... one month old, comin' in hot!

if I weren't writing this post acknowledging that this sweet baby will be a month old tomorrow, I'd just deny it.
time is a thief, and I can't believe how fast the past 4 weeks have gone by! 
isla is fresh from heaven. she's calm + sweet + has allowed me the best sleep I've had in three and a half years. her eyes have opened up so beautifully + she most definitely looks like she belongs to us! she is starting to smile more often, and I could stare at her all day. i crave quality time with her, and when she sleeps foreverrrrr i miss her + just want to hold her. she's soft + easy, and we are all innnn love. I'm so thankful for her + wish I could slow time... I thankfully have an idea of what's to come though + can't wait to see her life unfold + her personality develop as it ticks on. 
i love you sweet isla jane! you're the perfect addition to our tiny tribe, God must love us a whole lot to have given us you! 



lucy is seriously goals... 
i've never loved a little girl more. she's funny + sweet + loving + kind, brave, willful, adventurous + beautiful.
button pusher, rule breaker, talkative + curious. 
she's bursting with life + everything I prayed she'd be and more! i want to be more like her + she's not even two yet... so, goals.  


i s l a j a n e

we've had our little isla jane for 12 whole days now + she is the sweetest heavenly perfection there is. 
I can't believe we are here again, another angel baby... how much life we've lived in only 3.5 short years... becoming parents, losing parents, house buying/building, THREE babies... it's been an incredible ride, full of both bitter + sweet, and I am just so thankful to be here again... motherhood. 
my cup is filled to the brim + over. I've said it before + I'll say it again, motherhood is where I've happily found my sweet spot, thank you Jesus.
these pictures are everythinggggg, thank you ashton for capturing so many of them!

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