It's Here! It's Here!

Happy first day of FALL!! Per usual, I was mostly ready as soon as July 4th happened. I'm a sweater + so naturally July + August + really most of September aren't my glory days. We've had a wonderful Summer, filled with so much fun, but now it's here... 
Fall, the sweet spot. We're ready for you!
A few things we look forward to in the Fall are as follows...

The weather. Duh. 
We have mostly been melting since July, but the past two weeks have been windows open at night + chilly mornings. We've even turned on the fireplace a few times with coffee.

Fall TV line up. 
Guyssss, it's that time of year, where scripted TV drama is at it's very best. This is Us starts up again next week + I really haven't been so excited for a new season of a show since Parenthood. This, plus Will & Grace is returning. Need I say more?

The leaves. 
I love it when my city is my favorite color! Abel has already found a few yellow leaves just for me, and lucy excitedly found her first red leaf + had to show me too! I've shaped them well ;)

The Pumpkin. 
Pumpkins are like the color yellow. You can't look at them + not be happy, and in my case take a picture. Pumpkin patches, Jack O Lanterns, also see: chocolate chip pumpkin bread. 

Hocus Pocus. 

Visits from family. My cousin (and her babe) + my aunt are coming in just one week for their annual visit and I can't wait. Porch mornings + coffee, and keeping my cousin up way too late talking her ear off... Followed by my Mimi + Poppi and another cousin (also with babe) coming to visit!! Really. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. 

The clothes. 
Am i the only person who gets sooo bored of wearing the same things after a while? I basically have 5 good uniforms that I wear all summer, and never found a good pair of sandals this year, so I'm hands raised for layering + boots. 

The festivities.
Pumpkin patches, the Sunflower Farm, Apple Picking, Pumpkin Carving, Eating, Smores + Patio Lights, Nights with Friends. Soooo good.

We talk Halloween costumes mostly year round over here, but it's been a heavy topic of conversation these past few weeks. I'm hoping to have a group theme, but my chances are mostly slim because we let the kids choose what they want to be + it changes every day. So, I will put off buying as long as I can, and see where we land!

Happy Fall!! XOXO


The State Fair!

We went to the State Fair at the start of the month + had all sorts of fun. The kids rode their first "rollercoaster", their friends won them fair goldfish that died later that evening, lucy's dreams were alive because her sweet friend carried her around the whole fair like she was the baby haha, and I rode the carousel with my kiddos which was sort of a bucket list moment for me! Fairs are fun + with that done + dusted, we are ready for Fall on FRIDAY!!!
^^^i love how abel is casually waiting in line for his corn dog here :) so big!
^^^sweet little friends
^^^you guys... carousels. 


A Recipe For Our Happy Lately!

Fall around the corner
Homemade marshmallow popcorn
New friends + old
Windows open at night!
Daily talks of our halloween costumes
Family coming to visit
Yellow leaves popping up
Lucy's ballet class
Isla's morning bed head
Iced coffee with cinnamon
Too many pictures for frames
Abel loving school
^^^watching the rain
Find me on Instagram! Most of these photos are posted there more regularly :) 


Home Snippets

Over the Summer we renovated our kitchen, and while it's MOSTLY done, we are still working on some finishing touches before sharing it here. In the meantime, here are a few happy little home snippets from around our corner!
No matter what we do and change on the structure of our home, that sunset never quits. SO TRULY THANKFUL for the opportunity to live on this corner with my little family.


the third birthday that lasted a week!

Lucy's third birthday literally lasted a week. We celebrated with Chris' family the weekend before, on her actual day + again on the weekend for a sweet little party. She didn't mind at all + was happy to sit in her "birthday chair" all week long. I feel like I am finally getting parties down for my kids + what is fitting to their personalities and not, so for Lu this year we kept it suuper small + invited only family + a few close friends who had kids her age. I think she was happy with it. I love the sweet picture above, it's a framer for sure (where am i going to put all these "framers" + will I ever have enough frames?!) and the picture below is becoming a tradition I guess! I love to decorate a cake! See last year's HERE. I hope my kids remember us making them feel extra special on their birthdays + holidays. My parents always went above and beyond + though some may think it's overkill, I believe it shaped me into a celebrator of life! A celebrator of big things + small things, things for myself and things for others! I'll never forget coming home to homemade Rice Krispies Treats because it was May 1st, HAPPY MAY DAY! Thanks mama! I hope we can instill that in our kiddos too :) 
^^^May have been checking my settings here when I accidentally snapped this sweet blurry picture of her opening the rapunzel barbie.... favorite gift, can you tell?
^^^this is my niece whistling... it's seriously the best.

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