the christmas list they didn't even know they had...

Just a few sweet things that my littles don't even know they have on their Christmas wish lists this year! Some are already on the way + others maybe Santa will bring! They already have all that they need so it was fun to shop for a few little things that i just love + want for them.
Happy Thursday!

1. new jammies (we love hanna andersson, old navy + baby gap.. or anything striped really)
2. this hat, because i mean... (gap)
3. the best little drum set similar to this one that i found at my mom's vintage shop (vines vintage)
4. a sweet lovey (etsy)
5. B. brand art easel for finger painting + coloring! (target)
6. dinosaurs so i can listen to him "rawr"ing all day.
7. colored pvc balls for learning colors, sorting, + general fun! (walmart)
8. good movies! (amazon)
9. little tikes basketball hoop like his friend brennan :) (walmart)

1. new jammies (we love kickee pants + l'oved baby)
2. pretty rattles like her friend dagny
3. new glass bottles (lifefactory)
4. this sweet lovey (land of nod)
5. and this one (maileg, ms deer)
6. these jammies (gap)
7. this beautiful quilt that's sort of for both of us :)
8. polka dot knot hat, amen (gap)


a festive little video!

okay so i may be a little bit in love with these little videos. my siblings and i always loved watching home movies from when we were little + i'm so happy i learned how to edit these together so that OUR littles will have fun videos to watch + see how cute they were! abel LOVES watching them already, it's adorable, so i feel like i've won! 

this time.. some cookie baking, dough eating, dancing, tree decorating + a whole lot of my sweet little ones, enjoy!


lately we've been...

^^^smiling, and always.

^^^the sweetest ever + setting ourselves up for a snack (all on our own)

^^^not noticing things like this for a good twenty minutes

^^^licking the spoon + practicing the cutest cheeser grins in history

^^^picture cropping, because lucy deserved to look good too
 ^^^ugly sweater partying

 ^^^otterbox gala-ing


 ^^^learning to sit up like a big girl

^^^reminiscing on the time we had snow... since apparently we aren't having anymore this december. oh well, there's always april.


m a g i c

magic. a word I've found to be pretty accurate when describing the love + goodness of my little family. it's freezing out + dads blowing the leaves? let's join him! 
abel's love for outside has not been hindered by the cold, so we all bundle up and spend reasonable amounts of time out there if he asks us. these twenty or so minutes from sunday were just sweet. sure, by the end lucy was tired + abel kept trying to run down the hill after being told not to do so a handful(billion) times, but it was still sweet time to me that i cling to and cherish like its gold, because if there's anything I've learned in this life? it's that it goes by all too quickly and I'll never feel like we had enough days together, enough time, enough freezing cold-playing in the leaves moments, enough holding of my babies + snuggling at night, kisses from chris + staying up too late catching up on nashville because it's our only opportunity... or other nights, unintentionally falling asleep while putting the babies down. 
life is sweet, sometimes bitter too, but mostly sweet i think... either way, I want to spend it soaking up every last drop.
^^^I love everything about this. I love the finger in the ear + the smile on husbands face, the fact that it's so totally off center that I don't even want to fix it or crop it in to hide my sweatshirt and sweatpants get up that I tried hiding beneath my cute sweater, how flattering (embarrassed monkey emoji here). I love the chaos that comes with having a family + I love a self timer for capturing this magic.


a morning scene + little love letters

dear commercial radio,
do you play ANYTHING classy anymore?

dear friends + family,
stamp and send those christmas cards please, i'm tired of junk mail :)

dear littles,
i love you. more + more everyday. i love how you already love each other because you are innocent and it's the only thing you know. i love how you love me + daddy. you are just sunshine in my soul.

dear husband,
i l o v e y o u .

dear december,
i'm so happy you're here! now bring on the snow already...

dear person reading this,
i sure hope you are having a lovely day filled with joy, chocolate, hugs + laughter.

dear christmas,
thank you thank you for showing up every year around this time + bringing both the holly and the jolly with you. you're the best + i love you forever.

dear anthropologie,
you're so kind to my eyes + so mean to my bank account... i love you + i don't, all in the same breath.

dear hawaii,
i am SO excited to meet you, like SO excited! counting the days until i see my toddler in the sand, my littlest chunk in her polka dot-kini + sipping cold bevs with my dreamy husband on the beach.

dear chatbooks,
seriously? $6 a book? FREE shipping? all my dreams come true! thank you for beautiful products that make it easy to get my favorite moments off of my devices + into my hands! use code: HYV7R29P & get your first book FREE


3 months of sweet lucy

where to begin?
let's just start with i love you precious girl, and follow it up with a couple billion things i adore about you.

the way you talk yourself to sleep.
how you wake up so happy + your face just beams the minute it meets mine (or whoever wakes you, you definitely love your mama, but you're not biased)
how you smell + feel in my arms.
the love between you + abel... are you guys serious? you smile at him like you know what you're doing, he loves you like you're his + it really does feel sometimes like you guys already know who you are to each other + have a special connection... call me crazy, but maybe it's because you're both so new + fresh from heaven? maybe your souls knew each other before we did.
you have a sparkle in your eye like none that i've ever seen before + i swear sometimes when you sparkle i feel your papaw (my daddy's) presence out of no where... could be that heaven thing again. 
everything about you is darling as pie, from your chocolate brown hair to your chunk a dunk thigh rolls that are so squishy + soft... i mean seriously, why wouldn't that look as cute on me?!
you're such a light to the world + bring joy wherever you go, thank you for being mine. for making me a mama a second time + to a daughter! i'll love you forever, i can't believe you are 3 months old already. stop it. 
love, mama

...and now a handful of little facts about you at 3 months so i never forget.

you are about to roll girlfriend, back to front. i can't leave you anywhere off of the ground, in fear you'll pull out that party trick the minute i look away. so hooray for you! you work so hard + i can feel it coming any day now.
you weighed 12lbs at your last appt, get it
you've found your thumb + it's true love so far.
you're getting scootchy. you are never where i laid you last on your play mat.
you're a fantastic sleeper. thank you.
you love the bath, always have.
you are a chaaaatttyyy girl, got that from your handsome daddy :)
you love dance parties with abel + this week we heard our first laugh from you. the fact that it was for him made it even sweeter.


around these parts.

around here lately, there has been a lot of watching my babies love each other... share smiles, snuggle, give kisses & melt my heart over & over again. husband is the best, fall is coming to a close, family is wonderful & life is generally pretty good! hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! i'm thankful for YOU.