the best mess.

a b e l   m a d d o x
i'm not sure anyone looks this cute eating a donut. in fact, i'm sure they don't. your little chubby hands + powdered sugar covered face + sweater is my favorite kind of messy.
Y O U are my favorite kind of messy.
i L O V E when your toys are strung out all over the living room or when you've unloaded your bottom drawer across your room for the 18th time that day + i find your sweatpants in the bathroom trash can. i also love sitting down at the doctor's office + looking down at my pants for the first time that day + seeing left over who knows what at your exact height, from where you snack hugged my legs.
rolled up diapers at the foot of our bed, toys in the sheets, passies on my side table...
my favorite kind of mess.
Y O U are my favorite kind of everything.
thanks for being my child + for making me feel like YOUR favorite kind of mess too. i love you.


a happy Easter + a million pictures to go along with it.

i hope you all had a wonderful Easter + start to your week! our Easter was wonderful. i am SO thankful for Christ's sacrifice on the cross + His resurrection so that we could be saved. it's because of that sacrifice that i am able to live every day + be a wife and mother, a sister and friend. it's because of that sacrifice that i am able to have hope in Heaven that i will see my daddy again + it's because of that sacrifice that i am reminded of God's love for me + that there is more ahead of this life here on earth, as wonderful as it may be. 
abel made the day that much more special, as he does with most days. he ate way too much candy, took the best nap ever + was an egg hunting machine as soon as he figured out what it was all about... the candy INSIDE of the eggs. my nana was in town to make 7 layer salad + my mom, as usual, went above + beyond to make sure everyone had a great day AND an easter basket (that makes 11 easter baskets!!). despite us all having that little empty corner in our hearts for my dad, at the end of the day chris and i both just felt so good. it was a long and wonderful day + he is risen indeed.


happy old town saturday

thank you, thank you for spring. i'd say we are at a 90/10 as far as warm vs cold days go... at least for the past week anyway. it IS only april + for colorado that means nothing as far as weather goes, but as of late it's been pretty beautiful + we are soaking it in.
walking + walking + playing outside + more walking.
last weekend my little family of 3.5 ventured down to old town + i actually remembered my camera... whaaa? so i snapped a few pics + we had a happy little saturday.
keep 'em coming spring.


on parenting...

so abel is over a year old now & we are definitely PARENTING. up until this point, it's mostly been keeping him alive... but over the past couple months the real job of parenting has begun & i will be the first to tell you (wide eyed emoji) IT AIN'T FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. sheesh. the past couple of weeks have been some of my harder "mom" weeks & though the rewards are GOOD + PLENTY, i would be lying if i didn't say there have also been moments of just sitting down and crying at 10:30 am & thinking to myself, "help! how am i going to make it until 5 when chris gets home?!"
i am not a naturally patient person, i get overwhelmed easily, and i beat myself up over EVERY mistake... so needless to say I AM LEARNING SO MUCH... and i mean so much. i am in the thick of  learning to navigate a new chapter of motherhood & i am being stretched in more ways than one. all the while trying my best to have grace in the process. 
that's all we can do really.
is anyone with me?
my friend said something to me last week that is SO true & something i need constant reminder of... NEW MERCIES. with every morning, (really with every moment) comes new mercies. 
God chose me to be Abel's mom, not anyone else. I am the one he needs... not the mom who appears to have it all together on that one blog, or the well seasoned mom of three who's figured it all out by now... ME. God chose me, and thank Him for it! Because with all of the new hurdles that come with a 15 month old, there also comes hide & seek, a belly laugh that melts me to a puddle, sleeping through the night, giving kisses, a tooth filled grin from ear to ear, SO much understanding that i feel like he is going to be telling ME what to do here pretty soon, more love in my heart than i ever imagined having, and SO many more wonderful things that totally kick the hard moments in the butt. 
being a parent is challenging (who knew ;)) and it's also hands down the most rewarding job in this world. that's all i'm sayin' :) now about that laugh...