catching up || part three

all caught up!
i hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving tomorrow!
then it can officially be considered christmas time, and that alone is enough to be thankful for!


catching up || part two

my family reminds me to be thankful every single day.
be thankful for yours! cling to every moment with them, take pictures, write love notes, hug & often. our time here is short & we take nothing with us when we go, but the memories & the legacy left behind is worth more than any material thing could dream of. xoxo


catching up || part one

i take a lot of pictures.
i love them.
i love taking them, i love looking at them, i love editing them, i love being in them...
i love them.
half of the photos i take don't ever get posted to any social networking platform and they get printed out even less than that sadly! regardless, i still take them, in hopes that one day i print this blog into a book & get them framed & saved somewhere other than this screen and my external hard drive, and so on! 
over the next week of posts, i will be catching up & sharing our latest snippets of the day here in this space & then get back to regularly scheduled sharing after that. enjoy! & have a wonderful week of thanks!


nightingale handmade.

hello friday! you guys... i am seriously swooning over these holiday cards & am so excited to share them with you!

they are designed by my sweet sweet friend Margaret, who is the owner & incredibly talented beauty behind Nightingale Handmade. when she asked to use our photos for this sample & showed me her design i was instantly smitten. we did a collage photo last year for our Christmas card & LOVED it. it's such a great way to share some of your favorite photos from the year or even from your family photo shoot... since we all know how hard it can be narrowing it down to just one (insert wide eyed emoji here). so THIS is a great alternative. 
she offers so many other layouts & designs to choose from as well! head over to her shop HERE & check them out for yourself!
thanks for stopping in! xoxo


i'm not sure there's anything sweeter than a sleeping baby...

well, i guess maybe two of them...
abel 22 months  ||  lucy 11 weeks
forever & ever, amen.


our first snow day!

last week we had our first snow day! our first couple of snow days actually!
surprisingly i did NOT bake anything, but i did snuggle a lot with my babies,  clean (as usual), & they took more baths than usual because i mean, wouldn't you? i had been wanting these letters for abel for-everrrrr & my sister found them at target... win! we had lots of fun spelling different things & putting them on the wall/taking them down repeatedly. hooray for snowdays! we love to get out and explore, but after traveling & the busy-ness of everyday life, it was nice to be snug at home together with nothing to do & no where to go. i'll take a couple more this season!


pumpkin pecan waffles, just another reason to love this time of year

I am on team pumpkin when it comes to fall. even more so when it's accompanied by chocolate chips or cinnamon or anything fall spice-ish. i'm also a fan of breakfast. put these two together? pumpkin pecan waffles. 

one of my favorite breakfast restaurants had one that was sinfully good but they shut down last year... womp womp. so when i got the hankering for one this year, my friend and i did some googling & found this recipe. well, yum. they turned out great (as if i suspected otherwise). we didn't make the maple pecan cream to go with, we just topped with pecans and used syrup, but i'm sure that stuff is dang good, so YOU should make it if you do this recipe & let me know how it is! i experimented again with these, added chocolate chips & skipped the pecans, and i could have eaten only those for a whole day they were so good. 

anyway! happy pumpkining to you! go eat some waffles :) 


wait, you mean life still goes on even when undocumented on social media?

so, last week i took an impromptu social media break...
it's so weird, but doesn't it feel like sometimes if it wasn't posted on IG or FB or whatever your favorite sharing platform is, it's almost like it didn't happen? am i the only one who's ever thought this? it's SO weird. it's not like it REALLY didn't happen, but sharing it with your friends and strangers on the WWW creates evidence for others to see that you actually have a life, or a baby, or whatever else! it's completely ridiculous, but i know i'm not crazy... you've thought it before too.
anyway, last week we had travel plans to visit our old stomping grounds in charlotte! chris had a work trip, and it just so happened to be my sweet friend's 30th birthday surprise party too, so the whole crew tagged along & made it a mini vaca. well, on the way to the airport chris challenged me in this social media cleanse & i did it. i deleted all of my favorite apps & undivided my attention for the remainder of the week. it was nice to be able to fully connect in person with our friends while we were visiting and also with our sweet little family. i have a love affair with that instagram i tell ya... but it was really good for me to disconnect & not be distracted & it was nice for my scrolling thumb to have a break too ;)
so... here's what you might have seen while surfing last week had i not been absent from cyber space... good thing i have a blog right? or else i'd be latergramming the heck out of these bad boys & you'd be like "3 grams in a row? seriously, you know the rules."

^^^surprised megan big time!^^^

^^^woke like this our first morning, thank you daylight savings... made it to church thanks to romeos watching our littles!^^^

^^^had to get cupcrazed... obviously^^^

^^^saw as many people as we could while in town & watched them love our babies^^^

^^^reunited at last^^^

^^^cast iron waffles... duh, but wasn't better than the waffle lab, so fort collins for the win!^^^

^^^took it easy^^^

^^^made new friends^^^

^^^sleeping babies on the way home?! how did we get so lucky?^^^
thanks for stopping in! xoxo