thoughts on thursday + some cute pictures of my children (surprise!)

Why is overgramming a thing? Why does a certain number of likes or comments or followers make us feel special or not? Why do we gram at all? 

I heard someone say today that instagram is just a place to show off what you've got. Whether it's things or your kids or your breakfast... & it got me thinking. Show off? That's certainly not what I'm ever going for. I love photos, moments captured. I choose to post our happy parts, not because every day is a walk in the park, our life is far from perfect, but I love it + choose to see it with a positive perspective, and share that side. I post pictures of my kids because I love them + think they're stinkin cute, I post pictures of my breakfast because it was as pleasing to my eyes as it was my belly. I see beauty all around me. When I share on Instagram, this blog, or any social media channel, it's because I love and enjoy my life + want to shout it from the rooftops! It's sad to think that anyone would consider that showing off or even worse, look at my life and see theirs as less than.
Why do we compare? Why do we get sucked into "the numbers"? I know i've allowed myself to fall victim to this thought process. I think it's definitely important to search our hearts and check ourselves for the reasons behind our posts, our words and otherwise, but i also think it's okay to share bits and pieces of our lives that bring us joy. God gave each and every one of us a purpose, yours is probably different than mine in a lot of ways, but I know one thing that we are all called to do and that is to love. Love God, love others, & love yourself.

When you're scrolling today, be inspired by others + encouraging to them as well! & when you're posting, authentically "overgram" the heck out of whatever it is that makes your days happy! Your life is beautiful, you are fearfully + wonderfully made. It's okay to share it.

sidenote: these pictures have nothing to do with this post really, aside from just loving them a whole lot. i saw this idea through pinterest for "entertaining toddlers indoors during the winter"...+ i thought, "ball pit! how fun!" abel actually thought it was fun for about two seconds + then he began throwing the balls one by one onto the floor + moved onto the next thing haha! lucy laughed at him per usual + otherwise didn't quite get it. maybe next year when they're 1 + 3 we will try again or on a rainy day this summer. until then, we will continue using these balls to learn our colors, throw around, cover the entire living room floor, and find in every corner of the house even though i swore i got them all picked up :) 


a Freshly Picked Review... Bring on the Moccs!

I am a such a fan of well made products, and an even bigger fan of advocating for them + spreading the word about my favorite brands, people, tips, etc. 
That being said, baby moccasins...
Whether you're a mom, aunt, friend, grandma or simply a person on this earth, you probably know that they are all the rage when it comes to baby shoes. 
They're cute, easy, comfortable + honestly go with   e v e r y t h i n g  . 
That my friends is especially true when it comes to Freshly Picked moccasins. They are darling as pie + i wish they made them in my size... although it's probably better that they don't, as i'd look ridiculous. 

Lucy is 6 months this week + getting your first pair of FP moccs is like a Salvaggione right of passage. She obviously had to have yellow ("Golden Rod" in the shop) because she loves yellow (or i do). We are very practical when it comes to buying things + the quality of these moccs makes them worth every penny. With littler babies who's feet never touch the ground, it's like buying shoes AND a teething toy... two for one! (haha, kidding... sort of). On top of that, they have "give" and can be worn for longer than a regular shoe. As fast as infants grow, this is a HUGE win in my book!

What about for Toddlers/Walkers?
Abel is borderline OBSESSED with his Freshly Picked moccs! When he got his first pair, he would NOT take them off. Which was perfect because he was a new walker + they were lightweight + easy for him to run around in while he was still learning his feet. He wore them inside AND outside. I wouldn't send him out in the snow in them, but during Spring + Summer they are perfect. His first pair fit for an entire YEAR, while he outgrew all of his other shoes. The red ones ("Cherry" in the shop), are officially snug now + we chose these neutral colored ones ("Beehive State" in the shop) to go with his usually bright colored wardrobe. 

Are they worth it?
Freshly Picked moccasins are WELL MADE + well worth their price.  They are 100% genuine leather, they hold up outside on an adventurous toddler, stretch with your child's foot making them last longer, are precious as can be + come in a zillion different colors. We usually wait until our littles aren't growing at super speed and are doing more than just laying around before we invest in ours so that they can wear them longer, but they offer Crib Moccs for tiny ones (0-3 mos) for a reduced price that are just as cute. Freshly Picked has wonderful customer service, the founder Susan is the sweetest, and they don't waste any time getting your order processed!
We LOVE this brand + the team behind it. 
^^^These are our WELL LOVED + still in GREAT condition first pair...one of my favorite things about them is the tiny footprint that takes up it's home on the sole. Go and getcha some!
**This post is sponsored by Freshly Picked, however all opinions are my own!**

Detailed information directly from Freshly Picked website:
100% Genuine Leather Moccasins
Freshly Picked moccasins feature a unique design with elastic at the opening. Our shoes are easy to put on, easy to take off, and most importantly: stay on your child’s foot. Our soft-soled shoes are made with durable leather and are suitable for infants and toddlers alike. Moccasins fit true to size and are available in children sizes 1 - 9.
These gorgeous moccs have been featured in Parenting Magazine, IN TOUCH, US weekly, People.com, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Kim Take New York.
Each item in my shop is hand made in the U.S.A. and ready to ship. Please allow at least 48 hours for your order to be processed and ready to ship.

@freshlypicked on Instagram + Twitter 


happy birthday brother!

happy birthday to a very special person!
my little (except not really) brother tristan!
he is talented, kind, a great uncle, used to be my mini me but since he's 6' 4" now i think those roles are probably reversed. he's an incredible dancer and choreographer & i'm so proud of him for following his dreams + living in california to pursue a career in dance, however i miss him a whole lot! cheers to your last teenage year! i love you so much t!

+ here is a video of his choreography because wow!


it's a beautiful thing

lately i find myself in awe of the way God created us. pure, loving, non judgemental, kind... 
this isn't new information to me, but i feel like my heart has grown + that i've learned so much about this in the 6 months that i've had TWO children. 
your first child rocks your world in the very best way possible, your entire life expands in ways you never knew it could + you learn a whole new kind of love. having two children opens your heart in a different way, because not only are you loving another little life, but you get the opportunity to watch your children love each other, + it's a beautiful thing. 
since the day we brought lucy home, abel has been so sweet with her. even in her early days with us when he didn't show a ton of interest, when he did, it was so sweet + careful. he touched all of her toes + pet her hair, and he knew, without us telling him, that she was fragile and important to us. by the time lucy started smiling it was always for him, her first giggle was at him, and her face lights up any time he does nearly anything. he's there to greet her the moment he hears her wake + gives her love and kisses on the reg without any prompting. it's incredible. from early on, it's been like they already knew who they were to each other, and it's amazing to me to watch their love bloom on a daily basis. a pure + free love, the way God intended it to be. they don't think about loving one another, they just do. my wish is that we could all be this way.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." -Matthew 19:14

i think we could learn SO much from watching children interact. i get to see it on a daily basis + sometimes i really do feel like they are teaching me more than i'm teaching them + it blows me away. i'm so thankful to get the opportunity to see the world from their perspective, to see the wonder, to see love in it's purest form. thank you jesus.


DIY vs b.u.y.

recently, i tried my hand a little homemade finger paint experiment. i'm not toooo crafty, so this was slightly out of character for me, but it was probably snowing + i didn't want to get out with the littles, or maybe i had seen too many episodes of bubble guppies that day, who knows! point being, i pinterested homemade paints + came across a recipe that was completely safe/edible, washes out easily + only a few ingredients to make. (hand raising emoji here) i'm in. welllll i'm not gonna count this necessarily as a fail, because my boy had some fun for sure + i consider that winning... BUT i will say some things are just worth buying vs. doing it yourself. too much or too little of whatever ingredient, my finger paints came out more like finger paint gel + his artwork dried crunchy, womp womp. we got the real deal + since made valentines, had all sorts of fun, + our fridge is covered in precious paintings from our guy, sweet arrow + even little lucy. maybe next time i'm feeling super adventurous i'll give homemade another shot, but for now crayola is rocking it + i'm all right with that.


...in which i paparazzi'd abel while he drank his hot chocolate from a mug

...but i mean, look at him.
h e a r t  e y e s  f o r e v e r
+ infinity more
abel is quite the ham, so chatty these days, playful little limit pusher, smarty pants mcgee... HOW IS HE SO SMART?! pumpkin love is still going strong, now pronounced "puh- ooon"... however, hearing him say "sunshine" still takes the cake as far as melt worth toddler speak. he's got me laughing 'til it hurts, cheers-ing every drink, bite or otherwise, still snuggly as ever + the child has no fear... this gives me lots of them. his new favorite past time is climbing onto whatever is near by + free falling onto something below... his mini trampoline (accident waiting to happen), the couch (same story), or auntie's floor (this ended in tears). 
i could not love him anymore, my body seriously feels sometimes like it could burst with the amount of love i have for him. he's funny, adorable, sweet, frustrating, willful, + so much more. he has me more than on my toes lately + some days questioning if i'm doing anything right as a mother. does anyone else with a two year old feel this way?
i love you abel! i'll shout it from the rooftops!
+ now for that ethereal blonde hair, those chubby toddler hands wrapped around your big boy mug, piercing blue eyes, china doll skin, + hot chocolate mustache... the stuff life is made of.

^^^i mean, he laughs out loud at original mickey cartoons, swoooon


february has consisted mostly of....

j a m m i e s .
i could seriously leave it at that. there's been snuggling too, pretty sunsets, & color showing itself and getting us excited for spring. stomach bugs, bath time, sweet valentines from chris, 5 ingredient muffins & snow. but mostly, jammies.


Chosen by The Honest Company


A couple months ago I was contacted by the Honest Company about using this sweet photo of a tiny Lucy in a special upcoming project. My first thought was, SOMEONE PINCH ME... & I still mostly feel that way! If you haven't heard of the Honest Company you can read more about them HERE. It's a brand of effective, unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable products for babies + families. We LOVE their products, mostly their adorable diapers like the one in this photo. 

Later this year, The Honest Company will be sponsoring the renovation of the UCLA Hospital Santa Monica Birthing Center waiting and lactation rooms. As part of the new design, their Founders (Jessica Alba (squeal! overly excited emoji x1000 here) and Christopher Gavigan) have decided to include photos of real Honest family members, and have chosen this photo as one of those that will be framed featured in the new space! 

I'm normally pretty private about these sorts of things because I never in a million years want to seem like I'm boasting, but I am seriously just beyond flattered that they chose our photo + love representing such a wonderful company. As soon as the project is finished I'll share photos here! Again, pinch me... so exciting :) 

As a sidenote... is anyone else crying over how much lucy has grown + changed over the past 3 months? ...oh just me? time slowww downnn! Happy Monday! xoxo


5 months of my sunshine girl.

lucy, today you are 5 months old.
i don't know how i allowed another child to grow this fast on me...
you are my little bundle of sunshine. always happy, always smiling, always shouting from the rooftops, "life is fun!"... especially at 7 in the morning. i can tell that you have a big personality + i love it already. i love YOU. last night you mastered sitting up all by yourself + we are fairly certain that you'll be graduating from a gummer grin to a couple little teeth in the coming weeks. your cheeks? i told your brother + i'll say it again... butter + syrup worthy, and your thighs? two little hammies, also squishy enough for snacking. you are the sweetest little thing, darling as pie i tell you! i always tell you that when i grow up i want to look like you :) but maybe you'll grow up to look like me, and i guess that isn't so bad either. whatever the case, i hope that you always love yourself + see yourself + your heart the way i see you + the way God does. you're a light, a true beauty, + the world sometimes likes to convince women that they aren't. i pray for you my dear, that you won't buy into it. if you get my booty, own it, if you get dad's eyebrows... well haven't you heard that "power brows" are in? you're on track for both & i have to tell you that they are two of my favorite features! i mean, the way your dark, heavy brows frame your breathtakingly blue eyes? melt me. and no one works a polka dot swimmie as cute as you do sister. it's my job to mold + shape you, and teach you what's truly beautiful in God's eyes, and i am committed 10,000 percent to doing just that. thank you for being a sweet angel baby, for being the easiest sleeper, for loving your post on my hip the way you do, and for making me a mama a second time, and to a daughter. i dreamt of you, and you are all that and so much more. 5 months! hip hooray, i'm so proud of you :)
love, mama