Our Valentines Brunch!

I keep calling this "Brunch"... Brunch sounds so cute. It was breakfast guys, at 10. Anyways, if you remember, I loooooove to throw parties, I love festivity, I love good food + decorations + people gathering together! I love making holidays extra special for my kiddos + always dreamed I'd be the mom who would do special things on special days that they'd always remember. I haven't been perfect with this, but the effort is there! 
We had cousins over + put together little bundles of flowers for our friends. Abel wanted to wear his bowtie + Lucy her bow... seriously so fun. Don't wait for the next big party you have to put together to do something fun or special... we had been. Baby Showers + Bridal Brunches are great, but going all out for your family on a smaller scale is even more rewarding + way less stressful haha! 
Cheers to the small things + pink flowers!



hello & happy friday!

C   U   R   R   E   N   T   L   Y

crafting daily with the kiddos, valentines here we come!

watching lucy do "bawet" (ballet)

loving this song

dreaming of a kitchen remodel...

... suddenly back on my radar + making me want to do allll the things

wanting to get rid of most of the clothes in my closet

oh, dreaming of an attic renovation too

making homemade popcorn every night with the kids. they're faces when the first kernels start to pop...

crying real tears any time i think of abel going to preschool

shopping art pieces to replace our tv as the focal point on our gallery wall

adoring isla + begging her not to crawl next week

thanking my lucky stars for chris

baking these cookies too often

craving spring but not ready to let go of the fireplace 


i hope you have a wonderful weekend!! 
try out the cookie recipe... no one should eat too many cookies alone ;)


February 2nd, Chris was out of town + it snowed... I am a big baby when it comes to driving in the snow, so that typically means staying home all day, and the combination of no adult interaction + not leaving the walls of this home for 24 hours can sometimes be recipe for crazy. At about 3 o'clock I decided to stop looking at the clock, stop worrying about running out of activities + resorting to the tv, and to stop opening instagram. Lucy was still napping, Isla had just woken up + Abel asked me to come play with him... and there it was. Present. I watched him tinker + listened to his imagination + looked into his eyes + saw what I'd missed out on too many times before, being busy or halfway engaged or juggling other children.
I like to think of myself as a good mother. I make mistakes daily + have moments that i hope my kids forget about too, but I think I'm doing all right. Today made me want more than to be a good mother who loves her children, cares for them + teaches them to be loving, thoughtful + well mannered though. I want to be a present mother. My mind is busy + I'm a little all over the place + I often times feel like I'm not 100% focused anywhere, because I'm a little everywhere. 
But, this time is fleeting. 
Nothing gave me perspective like signing Abel up for Fall preschool last week. This window of having all of my kids home all the time, nowhere to be + the freedom to stay at home the entire day. That's a gift, and it won't last forever. If it wasn't before, time is officially on the clock. I refuse to waste it being halfway present.
Tonight at dinner, the kids just talked + talked to me. Abel would say something + then lucy would repeat it. Abel told me how good the gnocchi was + lucy made us laugh. They love me so much. As always, I asked them what their favorite part of today was, and Abel said his was playing with me. He felt it too.



Lucy is so special you guys.
I wish you could all know her like we do. She is fun + hysterical, feisty + sweet. She loves harrrddd + is smarter than any two year old should be. Can't believe I have a daughter, and now TWO of them. Lucky lucky me.



Why is four stopping me dead in my tracks?
Abel's birthday is more than just his birthday to me. His birthday is the day I became a mother. For nine months prior to January 25, 2013 I had shared my body, shared my thoughts, constantly thought of another life that wasn't my own + cared deeply about my responsibility in helping to sustain it... but on that day, that Friday night, my life would change forever. 
I remember everything like it was yesterday, from talking on the phone with my father in law the day before while i hung our last little gallery of wedding photos in our new home, to the first words i said when i saw his sweet little face... to chris, "he has your eyes!" There is nothing like becoming a parent. Nothing will stretch you more, teach you more, or force you to rely on the grace + forgiveness that's been freely given to you by Jesus on the cross. new mercies every day, every hour sometimes. 
four years of sacrifice + fulfillment + joy + heartache. four years of maple syrup inducing nostalgia + little fingers on my neck. four years of cottontop hair, morning snuggles, sleepless nights + noticing the little things that normally might get looked over. four years of all the best things + all the hardest things. four is breaking my heart you guys.
abel, you're special. you're kind + curious, gentle + wild. you are the very best son i could ask for + an even better brother to your sisters. we are thankful for your life + all the ways it's changed ours. thank you for being the epitome of breaking the mold when it comes to little boys. we love you so much. here's to F O U R!
& a walk down memory lane:   three  -  two  -  one

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