Over the weekend we...

...Went as a family to the indoor rock climbing gym here in town. 
It was a fun experience. We ended up taking Isla since it was a spur of the moment decision to go that day, so she + i were spectators, but it's something I actually want to try doing + so we will definitely be back. 
Abel LOVED the bouldering wall, and Lucy loved climbing with the belay (forgive me if that's not the proper lingo!) They were both really really impressing me with how far they went + I was super proud. I grew up always being fearful of things + so it's so important to me that we expose our kiddos to things while they are young. We want them to be adventurous + brave, and it's worth it to us to put in the effort to talk them through things even when they are nervous. They will typically try things at least once, which is a win to me, because they can then make a decision if they like something or not, having actually experienced it. All this to say, we tried something new together and all liked it! Hooray! A few photos from my iphone of the kiddos climbing.
Over the weekend we also... 
Picked pumpkins! I finally got some pretties for our front porch, and Abel + Lucy chose their own pumpkins as well. We really had the best weekend as a family. I am so thankful that Chris came home safely from his work trip + I'm so happy I get to call this family my own. There is really nothing better than being together. Have a great week!


Pumpkin Patchin' 2017

I'm not sure how I'm writing this post + we've already pumpkin patched + estes parked + it's the middle of october... like, where did the rest of summer go + weren't hawaii + christmas only a few weeks before that? october is one of my very favorite months, it's just good. we made our annual trip to bartel's farm this year + they had sunflowers again!!!!!! they are so so beautiful + walking through a little maze surrounded by them is so sweet + picturesque, which is why this post has 87,000 photos. we spoiled our dinner with two bags of popcorn + the kids picked three tiny pumpkins that are sitting happily on our mantel. it was a sweet + easy time together, and i really just can't tell you how much I love times like those. 
^^^pretty proud of that lost tooth that came out just seconds before pulling up to the patch!
 ^^^i love abel's face in this ha! you probably wouldn't guess that HE was the one who wanted to take a picture here haha!
^^^that little hand on the jean
^^^sharing popcorn
^^^lucy's photo she just had to take of us. the others were totally out of focus. this one here is of us getting up + turned out the be the best of the bunch!

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