m a g i c

hi! i hope you had a wonderful labor day weekend! we were in estes all weekend for our yearly trip with my family. per usual, we soaked in all that is estes, ate too much, and spent quality time with ones that we cherish... more on that later though.
the beach, golden hour, family photos, boom... THAT is magic.
these are a few of my favorites but the link HERE showcases alllll of them if you are interested :)
this was such a special shoot for me! i am always behind the camera capturing life, which i love (obviously) but i also love having pictures WITH my kiddos + with chris. i think it's important and want my kids to have pictures with me to look at too when they are older! maybe they'll be nostalgic like me + want to know how i dressed or did my hair, or maybe they'll just love seeing how much they were loved + hugged + kissed by both chris and i. i looked so forward to this session, being able to play + enjoy + not have to set a timer and ruuuuun to get all of us in haha! having someone capture us all interacting together was so awesome, and i highly recommend you doing it too! i know someone who could take them for you ahem ;)  ---- a shameless self promote (link at the top of this page, and a monkey covering it's eyes to go right beside it)
family is the best, my sweet little family is life's cake, and for me there is truly nothing earthly that is better than what we have going right now. thank you Jesus. + thank you Sarah Grunder for these gorgeous photos, i'ma frame every one of 'em!

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