huzzah! a post about something that JUST happened, vs. the usual two week delay (embarrassed monkey emoji). i am seeeeeriously trying to come up for air, get more organized + post more regularly again. blogging has been such a huge part of our life these past 5 years + i miss it dearly. so, here's to more posts... three times a week? i hope, but i make no promises :) 
A N Y W A Y... we camped! 
i took a million photos + ate an obscene number of s'mores... 
why are they so stinkin' good?!
we hiked all the way around that lake you are seeing there, abel walked most of the way (such a little trooper).
we watched the sunrise + set, smelled like campfire + for the most part, unplugged from the rest of the world. it's so good to get away... got us even more excited for estes park this coming weekend (a few past trips here + here + here)! thanks for having us frys! we love you guys!

^^^my little fishy loving boy... his face says it all... he was nooooot so sure about this. firstly, who is this stranger + why is he talking to us? and second, why is he waving a fish in our face? i've only ever seen them in the water... i don't think he understood at all (thankfully) 
^^^is it considered "glamping" when your linens are this pretty?
^^^well two mickeys, of course
^^^lucy climbing rocks! sooooo cute. she'd climb up and then i'd hold her hands and count 1-2-3 + she'd bend her knees like she was going to launch off, and say "weeeee"
^^^climbing to the "top of the world" --- and then jumping off, duh.
^^^tylar won best s'more
^^^abel had no interest in actually eating the marshmallows or smores, just the chocolate bars. he was our number one roaster though :)
& welcome to the coolest moon ever + my best try at capturing it...
^^^the sunrise on our last morning... SO gorgeous. thanks Frys! we had a great time :)

**lastly, suddenly blogger has started compressing my photos making them all pixely... anyone know how to fix this aside from saving them all as pngs? whoooo has time for that?!

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