pancakes + firef*cks

when a boy wakes with THAT smile, requesting his firef*ck jammie pants to go along with his tie dye shirt, a crown, and pancakes... what are YOU going to say? i mean really...

along with this precious, i bring you a few things abel says(and does) lately:

"i fuggle you" (meaning, you snuggle me)

calling lucy, by her shortened nickname... "woos" - "come on woos" as he reaches out for her hand... MELT ME

just... "no you do it, just me" or just us, or just you. (never did i think the word JUST could sound so cute)

"i want you"

when driving past our Starbucks he requests a "gouda samich" and knows that I get "ice ky" (iced vanilla chai) -- this is when you know you have a problem ha!

everything is "super"... as in superheros

he loves to sing the paw patrol song, or the spooky bubble guppies song to me, himself, and anyone who will listen(frosty the snowman is a big hit too)

"you pretty mama"... a personal favorite

"crashadoorrrr, crasha baby grollerrrrr! wike dis, crash!"

apparently HE, and everyone he knows are being ghosts for halloween... easy enough.


my sweetest abel, you jump + climb + yell + belly laugh, and are mostly 90mph all the time. you love your family and have the most gentle spirit, and i always ALWAYS get the first snuggles from you each morning. you're so smart and have grown + learned SO much over just the last few months, it seriously blows my mind. i'm in awe of you.... + on top of all of this, you've never looked or seemed so big to me before. i love you, time slow down.

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