party in the park

pinch me, pinch me... because i MUST be dreaming that our kids are so big right?!
abel looks a lot more like a little boy instead of a toddler these days, and lucy is ONE... i tear up over the both of them far too often. i'm so proud of them + all of their accomplishments + who they are becoming. they're both so smart + special, and the two of them fill me with a truly unspeakable joy. 
yesterday we celebrated lucy's birthday with a little party in the park! i restrained myself from going overboard with the details + decorations, and we had the sweetest little gathering with family + a few close friends. i'm lucky, and should be thanking God regularly with every first breath for the hand i've been dealt.
happy birthday party, my lucy girl. i love you until forever.

^^^color makes me the happiest
^^^abel is always the life of the party, and man was he loving his new bike + helmet
^^^"gimme that donut"...
^^^lucy finally got herself a babydoll :)
^^^abel, taking sunshine with him wherever he goes!
^^^putting my quilt hoarding to good use

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