skippin' rocks by the river...

chris is the adventure, i'm the safe place... usually.
on this fine day, i got to be both.
when we are at home, as much as it's nice to have an hour to myself when my kiddos nap TOGETHER, i sort of prefer them separate, because i get one on one time with each of them + i love that more. in estes, we aren't in our backyard or driveway, we are by a river, and rocks aka the "top of the world" and adventure! so my guy and i collected some rocks for indoor projects this winter + threw three times as many into the water. 
abel's sense of wonder is the best of the best, and it's always been so important to me to be a boy mom for him. to get my hands dirty, and try things i normally wouldn't + not screech at the sight of a grasshopper, but instead take a picture of him with it. he is my wild, and lots of times, i feel like i'm learning more from him than i ever knew possible... praise. hands.
i love you abel. 

^^^pinchy pinchy, his face is the sweetest

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