things to remember

I hope I never ever in all my life, forget the little things. the little things that my children say and do, the way chris laughs, or toddler hands on my neck... 
the little scenes from every day life that I tuck away into my imaginary jar that can hold all of the sweet memories and never let even one of them go forgotten. 
...I haven't actually found a jar or enough room in my head to remember all of the moments that make me terribly happy, but this space thankfully can hold some of it for me.

I hope I never forget...

that most mornings for the past three years, have looked like some variety of this photo above.

intruder mickey... the night Abel left his blue mickey behind at my moms and didn't notice until we crawled into his bed. chris ran to the store to get inconsolable him another (enter red mickey) and returned to him having already fallen asleep. he layed the new Mickey in bed with him. when Abel woke in the early morning to come to our room, I heard him from across the hall and saw him as he exited his room (ALWAYS ALWAYS shutting the door behind him). he stood there studying this new intruder Mickey for a good 2 minutes before making his way into our room + crawling into bed to fall asleep... didn't say a word to me about it until morning. 

the phase of Abel bringing whatever blanket he was covered up with in his bed AND any lovies he had to our room when he'd make his way there... and running back if he ever forgot one. 

lucy squeezing my neck before bed and then saying, head... nose... chin... cheek... o'er one... lips... and kissing each mentioned spot so sweetly.

the way lucy always asks "tome?!" (come) if you tell her you are going to go somewhere

abel shouting, "go daddy! go broncos! touchdown!" at chris's soccer game

the way my kids laugh at bathroom humor (i don't know why) or when I hear them "reading" on their own... "sleep sleep poop" giggles and then turn the page and repeat

Lucy's 18 month old love of shoes. yours, mine, abels... if there's a shoe around she's gonna wear it

hearing their little conversations from the other room... 
abel: "you like daddy?" 
lucy: "uh huh!" 
abel: him really nice to you? 
lucy: "uh huh!"

when abel walks around singing "o come to the altar, the father's open wide!" or "god is so big and so mighty, there is *mumble mumble* can't do, for YOU! and points, or when he asks me to play his "water song" (grace like a wave-elevation worship) on repeat all day every day since the album came out.

lucy's grin or her 1.5 year old voice or the way she sings frozen's "summerrrrr" + the sparkle in her eyes...

abel's morning snuggles + how the smell of maple syrup triggers memories of a tinier him who always managed to have some somewhere, making him smell as snack worthy as he looked and acted.

I hope I never forget these versions of them, and next years versions of them, and last years, and on and on. 

just a little monday night grocery crew

lucy pushed her own cart for the first time, abel actually steered his + cashed in on TWO macaroni + cheese samples, i got fresh flowers + sea salt brownies, and chris still looks like that... swoon. 

gah-lee how did I get so lucky?!

colorado springs, colorado... 80920, 80920

when we were little, my mom would always use songs to teach us things that we should remember; for instance, our address. atleast 20 years later, I still rarely say Colorado Springs without then having the song in my head... and I know my siblings are singing it now, you're welcome. 
anyhow, we spent this past weekend in the springs with chris' family, huzzah. it was a gorgeous weekend weather wise, and "pop pop" treated us to the zoo! it was an on a whim decision, and so naturally our stroller and my camera were in the car that we weren't in (monster eye roll to myself for not just gluing them permanently to my body) and so we made do with the rental buggy + my iPhone. STILL talking my ocd and good quality photo obsessed self into accepting that the moment captured is all that matters and not the quality of the camera but pshh, I say save it self. kidding-mostly... I'm glad we got some happy pictures regardless of my cameras absence! 
we had such a fun time, feeding the giraffes sold it for me per usual and I sure hope we make a few more trips to the zoo as the weather warms up. 

family, forever + ever amen.

salvaggione, party of five

thank you for all the love + kindness over our news! we are beyond thrilled for another little one to love, and another sweet GIRL! since having Lucy, i have prayed that she would experience a sisterhood like i have in my life, and what an answered prayer! abel is the very best big brother in the world, and they're blessed beyond measure to have him leading their crew. 
thank you Jesus for new life!

may this post remind me that winter's not so bad after all...

winter seeeeriously has it out for me this year. 
all day i long i dream of sunshine + green grass, bare feet, and my kiddos playing in the yard. every once in a while though, we have days like this one, and it reminds me that i guess it's not so bad... i mean, those faces. we spent the 20 minutes it takes getting all of our gear on, and actually lasted outside longer than that sledding + building frosty-snoopys, and it was so wonderful. i suppose a couple more helpings wouldn't hurt anybody!
...and THEN it will be spring ;)

a quick weekend trip!

over the weekend, my sisters and i visited texas for a too quick girls weekend. my cousin is having a baby, and we went to celebrate her, because around here... babies are to be celebrated BIG TIME! while we were there we also tried to squeeze in as much as we could as far as what waco has to offer... our first stop being Magnolia Market from Fixer Upper. it was sweeeeet! there were food trucks + flowers, and really that combination to me is just winning. had we not made the mistake of not knowing how close we were + grabbing food on the way we would have partaken, but there's always next time! i took about 30 pictures of the silos from every available angle, i guess i'm a little out of practice taking pictures of NOT my children ;) they are very cool though in my defense!

NOT pictured in this post, is the amount of time we sat talking with my aunt anne, who i adore, eating mexican food that nearly burst me into flames it was so spicy, hugging family that we don't see often enough, enjoying sister time, hands free time to eat fruit loops in which i am now craving + missing my family like it ain't no thang. it was a much needed breath of fresh air from daily life here, and also a great reminder of how much i truly love my life + how forever grateful i am for it. texas forever, amen.

l a t e l y

h e l l o a new week! and it's february, huzzah! which means we are THAT much closer to daylight savings, and warmer weather could be just around the corner (right?! or am i wishful here...) either way... here are a few of my favorites from lately. life is good, life is FULL, but life is good. our kiddos are trying to grow up on us every single day, we are planning some travel for the year that i am getting SO excited about, we're wrapping up construction on our house (oh yea, that's still a thing... more on that later though), we're cooking more + reading more, and searching our hearts for how we can reach outside of ourselves more. we've had near perfect church attendance for two months or more now, complete with our kids in the childcare which is a huge accomplishment, and we are savoring the goodness of each day as best we can. amen.

^^^from scratch waffles. this recipe, yum. change your waffle life forever.
^^^talks from timeout
^^^cutest little friends
^^^junebug :)
^^^homemade pizza
^^^a favorite gift, lindsay letters art- a wish come true
^^^my happy
^^^feels cheesy, but literally every nail i hammer into the wall of our new space brings me joy. the road of buying and building onto the sweet little home we've loved for three years was not without bumps, and as pretty things like these go up on the walls + make it feel more like a home, OUR HOME, i can't help but smile + thank God AGAIN for this dream coming true.
^^^i can't think of a single thing that i don't adore about lucy